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Liquid Vitamin Supplements

Liquid Vitamins

Vitamins are an important part of our life, without them our health and even our beauty will suffer.

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We actually absorb the nutrients from vitamins in liquid form a lot easier than we do from tablets. In fact, liquid vitamins are absorbed more than five times faster than vitamin tablets are.

There are other benefits to taking liquid supplements as well, such as a liquid is generally easier for most people to swallow. Although this is preferable for many adults, it is especially useful when it comes to children as many kids have a hard time swallowing anything in tablet form.

As many parents can attest, children can often be incredibly picky eaters, which means that they do not receive sufficient nutrients or their dietary requirements through the food that they consume.

If you decide to give your child a vitamin supplement, they may not be able to swallow the pill. This is where a liquid vitamin supplement comes in exceptionally handy. Liquid vitamins can be offered with a dropper and either given in your child’s mouth or even added to a glass of water or fruit juice.

This makes liquid supplements a good choice as well for people of any age who may not be able to take tablets for various different reasons.

Often times, especially these days when people are so busy and are turning to convenience foods, they are often not getting all of the vitamins and minerals that they need from diet alone. In cases such as these, a liquid vitamin supplement can be incredibly useful.

Although not bad for you in the least, in tablet form, vitamins are often too dense which means that the vitamin can not be broken down and therefore is not absorbed in the same way that a liquid vitamin supplement is.

Our bodies can soak up a lot more nutrition value from a liquid vit supplement than it can from a vitamin in tablet form.

It may surprise some people to know that we absorb 80-90% of the nutrients from a liquid vitamin supplement compared to 10-20% from a tablet.

Liquid vitamin supplements also hold a strong value in that they generally are made up of more than one type of vitamin as well as other nutrients. As a general rule, a vitamin tablet has one kind of vitamin which means that you will need to take numerous types if you want more than one vitamin in your system.

This makes liquid vitamin supplements a lot more convenient for most people. You also will typically not notice much of a price difference as liquids and tablets generally cost approximately the same amount.


Liquid Vitamin Supplements

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