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Light Reflecting Makeup

light reflecting makeup

Light reflecting makeup is one of the makeup trends that are quickly gaining popularity these days. Women, young and old, all like to look youthful and vibrant and are thankful for options that do not require a thousand-dollar budget and painful cosmetic treatments. With light reflecting makeup, you can easily exude an aura of vitality and youthfulness and get away with it. Would you like to know how this type of makeup can help you look and feel better? Here are a few tips on how you can apply light reflecting cosmetics such as eyeshadows, lip colors, and face/body shimmers.

Do not believe it when people say that light reflecting cosmetics are only used by old women who are desperate to look young once again. The idea of light reflecting cosmetics in particular and makeup in general is to help enhance your facial features to make yourself look attractive and feel good because of it. With the right makeup and right application, you can easily get THE LOOK without worrying about the negative things that people may have to say. There would not be any if you do this right, so read on.

Catchy Eyeshadow Colors

Eyeshadows with shimmer are popular among women because they are easy to use and very attractive to look at. Eyeshadows in liquid form (which is often the form of shimmery eyeshadows) are easy to apply and are quick to smooth out. Simply draw a simple line over the upper eyelid and smooth out the color using your pinky fingertip. The effect is that of a stylist-look with subtle colors and hints of glitter that adds accents to your eyes.

Interesting Lips

Light reflecting makeup would not be complete without also using the lipstick. The difference between gloss lipstick and light reflecting lipstick is gloss lipsticks only look glittery, even in low light. The light reflecting kind looks like normal lipstick in low light and are dazzling when you're in a well-lit area.

Why not use the gloss lipstick instead? Well, if you want diversity in your look, wearing light reflecting lipstick will make people think if you slipped out and did a touchup on account of your very versatile lipstick. Besides, these lipsticks stay on very well and thus require lesser touchups compared to more common types of lipsticks.

Face (and Body) Shimmer

Of course, a shimmery look will not be complete if face and body shimmer are not used as part of your light reflecting makeup. If you intend to look dazzling, your look has to be consistent. It would not look nice if you have a shimmery face and gaunt skin on your body. Use body shimmer alongside your light reflecting makeup for the face.

If you do this, the effect would be that of a Greek goddess with an interesting face and arms (and/or legs) that shimmer as if they were dusted with gold. Try to find body shimmer lotions with sunscreen so the shimmer will stick to your skin well and will last for longer periods.

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Published June 1, 2011

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