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Light Brown Hair Makeover

before and after picture makeover for light brown hair

Teen Makeover for Light Brown Hair

If you have light brown hair and want to keep it from looking mousy or plain, this makeover will give you some great ideas. Self-confidence is less sturdy during teenage years, but the right look may definitely change that. Not everyone realizes just how much a new haircut and the right makeup can achieve for a person therefore having a makeover is something well worth trying, either by yourself or with the help of a professional.

Makeup Tips

teen light brown hair before makeoverGirls with brown hair need to keep in mind that brown color shades tend to make their complexion look darkened and less fresh. In order to counteract this effect, specific makeup colors can be used, hence by opting for the right color choices, teenagers with brown hair can achieve a great makeover whilst enhancing their best features.

If your hair has a chocolate shade, and especially if your eyes bear a hazel tone, you can use certain colors to bring out the color of your eyes and complement the shade of your hair. Opt for blue or lilac eye-shadow, a makeup that can be enhanced with a touch of black eyeliner.

For a more natural look, and to better reveal the earthly tones of your hair, go for beige or brown eye-shadow accentuated by brown eyeliners. Ivory or gray eye makeup colors are also recommended.

Returning to the hair color versus skin complexion problem, light brown hair colored girls are advised to select foundations matching their skin color and add a tint of blush in tawny tones or shades of pink.

Avoid choosing foundations that are overly fair as the powerful contrast between the pale complexion and the dark colored hair won't work in your advantage. For your lips, go for red or brown hued lipsticks and if you want to be school-appropriate as far as makeup is concerned, opt for a delicious shining lip gloss.

Hairstyle Tips

teen light brown hair after makeoverThe best way to choose the right hairstyle for a flattering teen makeover is to take into account the shape of your face. Girls with oval faces can wear any type of look, so if you fancy wearing proudly your chocolate colored hair locks, go for longer, wavy hair dos.

A heart-shaped face is wider at the cheekbones and has a narrow jawline therefore girls with this kind of face shape need to focus on hairstyles that create the illusion of wider jawlines and that narrow the forehead and cheekbone area. To widen the chin and create the necessary balance, girls can opt for a nice layered bob whilst a longer, layered haircut will look amazing if the layers are brushed towards the cheekbones.

A square face can be balanced as long as you add height to your hairdo. Ask a professional to create a tall hairstyle that will lengthen your face. Teenagers with round faces need to focus on hairstyles that provide more length such as hairdos with height on top. These are ideal for girls with short hair, whilst longer haircuts look great with side partings or side bangs, in a layered style. Bangs need to be kept to one side because full, straight bangs can make one's face look wider.

Teens with oblong faces need to add width by opting for medium hairstyles. Bangs are recommended as well but what they utterly have to avoid is wearing center partings. And last, but not least, teen girls with triangular faces should opt for short, layered haircuts with short sides that create the illusion of a balanced jaw line.

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Updated December 1, 2011

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