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Lice Rx Review By Mothers

lice rx treatmentHead lice is a devastating condition that can turn a household completely upside down. This is especially true if you have children that attend any type of educational facility outside the home. My neighbour has four children – two that attend school outside the home, one that is homeschooled, and one baby.

Recently, she faced the complication of being called by the school that two of her sons attend only to be told that they had been found to have head lice. She was also informed that many other children from the class also had head lice.

She was a bit perplexed, confused, and even worried all at the same time! She really had never faced this complication and really did not know what to do to handle it.

We immediately began to research head lice products online to determine which would be the best course of treatment. Knowing that an online remedy would take at least a couple of days to arrive, she went to the local Wal-Mart and purchased the "Equate” head lice treatment to get a head start on the treatment of her children and her home.

In the meantime, I discovered a product called Lice Rx online, and went ahead and ordered her this product. When the product arrived, I went to help her with her little "problem”. She was very glad that I had ordered the product because the school had contacted her again to let her know that the problem had not been completely eliminated.

She was completely embarrassed, and a little frustrated with the "Equate” Wal-Mart brand head lice treatment that she had purchased.

She was up late into the night with the Equate treatment, treating all of the kids, her bedding, her furniture – it drained her completely – and then, to find out that it had not worked, it devastated her! She has kids ranging from eleven months old to thirteen years old – she is tired enough as it is. Then, time and money are two things that she just does not have to waste!

Lice Rx Review ~ The Problem:

The problem with many lice treatments is that they just do not use the right mixture of chemicals that are necessary to successfully eliminate head lice.

This means, that children, parents, families, and even schools experience a high level of frustration when it comes to trying to successfully eliminate head lice. Many families have gone through the process of treating kids, adults, and the home several times!

The simple fact is, most families that have school age children have more than one child and most of these families have a limited income. When it comes to purchasing head lice treatments for an entire family, the bedding, and other areas of the home, it is quite possible to spend $100 a pop!

Lice Rx Review ~ Product Introduction:

Lice Rx is a type of treatment that has been tested and evaluated by several different families and school districts.

While there are many different head lice treatments out there like Equate, RID, Pronto, NIX, and many others, Lice Rx remains a bit different because of the fact that harmful poisons are not used as part of the chemical makeup of the treatment. The other products use dangerous substances, like "Pyrethrins” in their products.

While this substance may prove to be somewhat effective in eliminating head lice, it can actually prove to be quite harmful to the skin, sinuses, and overall health of the individuals using it, or even exposed to it. In addition to not containing harmful chemicals, Lice Rx is sold in a concentrated formula that can be used up to three times or more! Best of all, it is effective!

Lice Rx Review ~ Benefits and Features:

I found that there are a number of benefits and features associated with Lice Rx. The first benefit to using this product is that it is effective! My neighbour saw that when she used this product immediately after implementing the use of Equate Head Lice treatment.

The next advantage to using this particular product is something I have already mentioned, and that is the fact that this is an all natural treatment for head lice that does not implement the use of dangerous chemicals. The next advantage is that you will typically pay less for Lice Rx than you will for other products that are sold in stores for head lice.

Lice Rx Review Conclusion:

Lice Rx works…this is the whole purpose and intent behind this product review. Once my neighbour applied this in her situation, she never received an embarrassing phone call from the schools that her attended ever again!

While the only other product that she used was this Equate Head Lice treatment, it was not a success.

However, once her product of Lice Rx arrived, and she used it on her children, her and her husband, as well as various things in the home, she successfully eliminated all traces of head lice! It is my confidence that anyone who uses this product will have the same success.
Well worth a trry, Lice Rx



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Lice Rx Review
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