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Lias Mohawk Hair, A Hairstyle From New Jersey

Lia, a site visitor from New Jersey sent in a collection of pictures showing her mohawk hairstyle makeover. I love receiving before and after pictures of hairstyle makeovers as these really give other visitors a good look at the effect a hairstyle change can make.

lias mohawk

If you have a bit of edgy spirit hiding in you, bring it out as Lia does, with a temporary hairstyle makeover she switches back and forth to as the mood suits her.

If you would like to show and share your temporary hairstyle makeover, submit before AND after pictures and as much information as possible.

To create a page as Lia has here, submit to: My Temporary Hairstyle Makeover If you would like to see all styles of visitor hairstyle from around the world, check it out at: Show Your Style


Lias Mohawk Hair

"Hi my name is Lia, I'm 14 from New Jersey, I stumbled across your site and decided to send in pics of my hair.

In this one my hair is pink, I think I had just dyed it. My football coach was so mad when he saw it. He thought having a girl on the team was bad enough.

My hair is naturally dirty blonde, I didn't need to bleach it before dying. Pink was the first color I have ever dyed my hair. I sorta missed a spot in the front, but I did it myself, and I think I did a good job.

Here's another one of my pink hair, I was sitting on the Lincoln Memorial.

In September, I had cut my hair and donated it for the third time, it was FINALLY! short enough to 'hawk. It takes me about a half hour or so to do.

First I straighten my hair, then I backcomb. I use got2be Freezing spray and go over it with the flat iron again. This picture was taken with the girls in my Fashion Design class on Halloween, but I usually just wear it to school.

I don't really like this one, but you can see the mohawk better.

My normal style:Before I dyed it (we weren't allowed to smile):

Sorry for sending in so many pics I got sort of carried away. Also, I sent links, because the pictures aren't on my mom's computer, so I took them off my Myspace ."

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    Lias Hair Before Mohawk Makeover
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Lias Mohawk Hair

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