Make Your Legs Look Longer With These 5 Shoe Styles

There are ways to make your legs look longer so that you'll feel less envious about people who are genetically endowed with beautiful, long legs. 

You don't need to have the legs of a supermodel to feel confident about yourself. Even top models use these tricks with shoes to elongate those legs, and have you ever seen a Beauty Contest wear heels where not worn in the bathing suit competition?

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Lose the frustration of not having super long legs, and choose to influence your appearance by selecting an adequate pair of shoes that will not only have a slimming effect, but will also make them look longer.

Shoe Styles For Longer Looking Legs

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Summer is soon to be arriving, and what better way to reveal an attractive pair of legs than by opting for a sexy pair of shoes?

The Proper Shoes for Women who Desire Longer Legs

Here's how to select the proper shoes that will work in your favor and make your legs look long.

1. Nude Colored Shoes that Match your Skin Tone

You can create a seamless line between your leg and your foot by opting for flesh-colored shoes. This will provide the illusion of longer legs, not to mention that nude-colored shoes are extremely easy to assort and will most likely match with all the summer clothing pieces from your closet.

2. Pointed Toe Shoes

Shoes are available in various shapes as far as toe line is concerned, so make sure you select the proper pair of shoes: pointed toe shoes. Footwear with squared off toes can cut off a few centimeters out of natural leg length, so avoid wearing shoes that are not pointed toed.

3. Assort the Color of Your Shoes with the Rest of Your Garments

To create the illusion that you're taller and make your legs look longer, maintain the same color line as you select your apparel. Keep all your outfit pieces colored in the same hue to create the impression of extra height.

4. Select Open Toe/Open Back Shoes

Shoes with openings at the toes or at the heels will give the effect of longer legs, not like heavy, closed toe footwear that will reduce your height and make you appear shorter.

If you do select peep toe shoes or shoes with open backs, do not eliminate the elongating effect by choosing a pair with ankle straps as these cut the line of the leg and will create the effect that you're trying to counteract.

5. Replace Flats with Heels

It is clearly obvious that you need to avoid wearing flats if you want people to perceive you as having longer legs. This doesn't mean you should exaggerate with the height of your heels since everyone knows how uncomfortable they are to walk in.

Stay Away from these Shoes

If you want to create the illusion you're taller, don't make the mistake of wearing shoes such as the ones with ankle straps because these will divide your legs, making you look shorter.

Also, you need to avoid chunky shoes or shoes that completely cover the foot. In addition, flat sandals and ballet shoes will make you appear tinier.

After all, such footwear makes even taller women appear much shorter, and their legs chunkier, so look for great shoes that have at least a medium heel to achieve the desired effect.

The best way to determine what shoes look great on your legs is to go to your local shoe store and try on several pairs that you think look flattering and feel good on your feet.

Once you get a better idea on what the best shoes for elongated legs are, purchase a few pairs and enjoy your new appearance.

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