Leg Model Careers

Leg model careers are perfect for the women or man with great legs. Leg models are used for many types of advertising work. From television commercials and magazine to other editorial work, leg models are in high demand.  Footwear, razors, hosiery, shorts; even beach side bathing beauties frequently make use of leg models for print and television ads. 

Be A Leg Model

It’s important to realize that many leg models also crossover to foot modeling. When choosing a modeling agency that specializes in leg models, you might find that they also focus on foot models as well.

Shoe size is an important factor in leg modeling and when contacting companies, you’ll need to know if they are looking for a specific height or shoe size.

Legs should be long and slender and free of any visible veins, scars, stretch marks, or other blemishes. The skin should be smooth and flawless with an even skin tone. 

Some leg models have well defined calf muscles, giving the legs an athletic appearance, while others are well toned but not specifically well defined or muscular.

Leg models are in demand for all types of ethnic groups and races. Leg models frequently work out on a regular basis and take extra steps to maintain the condition of their legs. 

No Swelling Please

Keeping the legs elevated is an important step in preventing swelling, and most leg models will do well to regularly elevate their legs. Taking precautions in the diet and by avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and salt you can prevent unnecessary swelling, bloating, or puffiness that could cause you to lose out on lucrative modeling assignments.

When seeking work as a leg model you’ll need to go through a modeling agency that focuses on this field.  Not every modeling agency, or parts modeling agency focuses on legs so you will need to perform your research. There are many unscrupulous people who try to take advantage of new models, and parts models are no different.

One area in particular to be on guard is purchasing photographs. You won’t need professional photographs from the beginning and if a company or agency tells you to purchase expensive photographs before signing you take caution. 

Most modeling agencies will base their decision at an open call or by viewing regular snapshots. 

The Open Call

An open call is a set time and date where the modeling agency is willing to see potential leg models, most often on a walk in basis and without need for an appointment.  Always call the agency ahead of time for specific information regarding their open calls and make sure that you are on time.

For those who wish to have leg model careers they are financially rewarding, but be prepared for hard work and by making certain that you are committed to the profession, you can enjoy a successful career.


Be A Body Parts Model

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