Learn Model Poses

You need to learn model poses, modeling poses are the heart of every model's career. Whether on runway, in the studio, on television, or for a photo shoot, every model will need to know the basic modeling poses and have them perfected.

Learn Model Poses

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Some models find that attending modeling school is the best way to learn model poses, practice, and master a number of different poses. However most photographers will also assist the model in the poses that are needed for that particular modeling assignment. When learning modeling poses, you'll need to practice between seated, lying on one side, and standing poses. 

It's also important to realize that the type of posing you'll use will be contingent upon the type of modeling you are performing. Runway posing is different from the poses used by an artist's model. 

The same holds true for catalogs. However, once you learn the basics of modeling poses, you'll find that you'll have the self-confidence and assurance to easily adjust any pose at a photographer's request. 

When choosing top modeling poses, it's also necessary to understand that males and females pose differently. Men are required for more aggressive, or active based poses, while women often pose in a seductive or passive manner. 

Know What The Photographer Needs

Understanding the vision of the photographer, and the modeling assignment in general, is vital for knowing exactly how to pose and what type of characteristics to exhibit for the shoot. 

You might be very nervous when going on your first modeling shoot and feel that you have practiced your modeling poses and know exactly what to do. However, you must realize that your job as a model is to express through your body, the image that the photographer has visualized. 

You must be flexible in your attitude and work with the photographer to get the pose he or she is seeking. Sometimes this can happen quickly, other times, it might take hours before mastering. 

The photographer may even present you with photos of other models in the pose that he or she is after. It is the models job to adjust any movements necessary to attain and hold the desired modeling pose until the photographer is finished with the shoot. Many models will learn their best modeling poses from studying images and photos of other models. 

Learn Model Poses

The Lying Pose

Some of the most used poses include lying on one side with a hand on the hip and the other hand propping up the head. 

Chair Poses

Another popular pose is where the model stands with her leg propped up against a chair. A seated pose could include the model sitting with her legs straddling the chair.

The Resting Pose

The resting pose is used quite frequently for bathing suit or travel ads. This is where the model rests on one side with her body outstretched.  She then rests her head against one arm as if sleeping and the other arm is folded in across the body. 

The Standing Pose

A standing pose that is used frequently is where the model will stand with arms outstretched, above the head, and then fold the arms at the elbow. The gaze will then be directed down towards the ground, while one leg is bent. This pose is often used for bathing suit modeling as well. 


When it comes to modeling poses, the most important aspect to remember is that you must work with the photographer and be committed to understanding the photographer's goals for the photo shoot. Practice hard to learn model poses and become that top model photographers love to work with.

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