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Layering Clothing 101

Layering clothing is a smart choice in winter times when the frost prompts you to put on as many clothes as possible; but to make sure you accomplish the right look, check out the following layering clothing 101 and learn how to wear the layered look with style!

How To Layer Clothes

If you got a wrong start focused on the idea that layering is difficult, do consider that neutrals are the main colors of cold seasons, and these hues are incredibly easy to assort to help you achieve an awesome look.

For example, if your outdoor garment has a neutral color tone (and no, fuchsia is definitely not the right hue in this case), your job is already half done as it is quite simple to make the garments beneath coordinate in the right manner.


With this in mind, you can mix and match the following hues to create perfectly layered clothes: white, solid beige, cream, taupe, camel, brown, midnight blue, gray or olive.

One of the easiest ways of achieving a great layered look is get creative and playful, varying proportions and textures. >


Toying with these aspects might results in something fascinating to look at, and it will keep you warm as well.

Certainly, a simple shirt will have you shivering in the cold, but pair that up with a comfy, shorter sweater and a long winter jacket, and you'll be ready to face the cold in no time.

Another example would be to pair a nice, furry vest with a thick, cotton dress and a pair of leggings.

Layering Basics

Wondering how to begin layering your garments? Well, always start with a smooth and flat fabric.

It could be anything from a plain cotton top, a basic tee or a cashmere turtleneck, just make sure you take into account texture and thickness.

Think about the fact that you may want to remove a piece or two of what you're wearing once the temperatures rise up, so ensure the clothing items worn beneath do make for a great appearance on their own.