Layered Medium Hairstyle

This layered medium hairstyle can take years off of your age and Joy is a good example of how you can wear a flattering medium length. Daytime diva Joy Behar is known for her full and fabulous hairstyle that would be a good choice for weddings or formal occasions. 

Layered Medium Hairstyle

With her fantastic, full and fabulous layered medium hairstyle, you would probably be surprised to know that Joy has passed her sixtieth birthday yet still looks youthful and lovely. 

Joy Behar’s hairstyle is made full by layers cut in a uniform manner. These extensive layers also enable her to flick out her hair and to implement volume and fullness.

Style Joy's Layered Medium Hairstyle

Wash your hair with products made for your own hair type.

  • Distribute a golf ball sized amount of styling mousse evenly throughout damp hair that has been detangled with a wide tooth comb.
  • Use a small, round brush while blow-drying your hair, always working in small sections for easier manageability Begin at the nape of your neck drying from the roots towards your ends. 
  • If you want intense flicks in your hair, when you reach the ends, roll them around over your brush pulling up and out as you dry. 
  • The sides of your hair should be dried first, from the roots down, and then by placing the brush under your hair and directing your ends upward.  Repeat this process until the sides of your hair are fully dry
  • When it comes to your crown, lift at the roots and dry upward until you reach the ends and then flip them outward. 
  • The top of your hair should be dried first, under towards the right, and then towards the left, also repeating this step until your crown is completely dry. 
  • You want to dry your bangs forward and slightly under for softness.
  • Once all of your hair is dry, again, working in small sections, use a comb to tease your hair starting at your roots, moving to your crown and finishing down throughout your sides until you have the amount of volume that you are looking for. 
  • Apply styling wax to your fingertips and beginning at the middle of your hair and working down, pull the back of your hair out and up to create flicks and an organized messy look.
  • You can also use a light amount of wax, applied in the same manner to your sides, bangs and crown.
  • Make sure that you also pinch the ends of your hair as well as mid lengths throughout the style to offer some extra texture to your look. 


A small dab of smoothing shine can be rubbed between your palms and smoothed over your hair style- although make certain that you avoid your roots. Generously mist with a medium to strong hold hair spray to keep your fullness and to avoid having your hairstyle fall flat.

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