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Layered Hair

Layered hair has both advantages and disadvantages, here are a few you can consider before you have your hair layered.

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The Good And Bad Side Of Layers

Many people are amazed and intrigued by fantastic hairstyles that celebrities wear, and many of them have sported the layered hairstyle.

Layering your hair can produce great results, but only for people who have the right features and the right attitude for it, because maintaining this hairstyle entails lots of work. Layering your hair should be taken seriously and should be done only after some serious consideration.

This is because hair grows back slowly and people who decide to get it need to adjust to the new look and the tiring routine of maintaining its style. To help you decide on whether or not layers would be good for you, read the following pros and cons of layering your hair.

Advantages Of Layered Hair

1. Layered hair can beautify your face

A layered haircut usually has a beautifying effect on the face. Hair layers often divert attention away from facial imperfections and emphasize the eyes of the person, which is useful in many situations.

No matter what type of face you have, a layered haircut done by a professional can do wonders for you. For example, people who have oval-shaped faces with layered styles will find that the hair-do will draw attention away from the fullness of the face and emphasize the facial features of the person instead.

A square face can be softened by the smart use of bangs and layers. Almost everybody would look better by sporting layeres , as layers can be used to emphasize the face features which are flattering, and hide the ones that are less appealing.

2. Layers often make people appear younger than they actually are

Medium or short-length hair and layered styles are known to have amazing effects on more mature-looking faces. In fact, hair layering is known to have a rejuvenating effect on the face, as it takes away five to even ten years off the age of the person by enhancing her look with layers. Hair layers can sometimes create the effect of a face lift and always makes the fine lines of the faceless emphasized.

3. Getting a layered haircut is an enjoyable experience

When it comes to new hairstyles, it is always fun to experiment with layering, especially for people who have always had the same, old hairstyle. Owing to the fact that hair layering is a cheap way of getting a completely new look, it is safe to say that anyone can benefit from it by looking and feeling good.

Disadvantages Of Layered Hair

Layered hairstyle means constant maintenance

A layered hairstyle often means spending a lot of time using different kinds of hair products and a blow drier in order to maintain the full-body look.

There are some people who don't bother with maintaining their layers (and are okay with its fly-away tendency), but the fact is most of us have to spend a lot of time on maintenance to keep it looking groomed. It is important that people understand this before they decide to get a layered haircut.

2. Layers can cause a problem for those who spend a lot of time in the gym

Everybody knows that layers can be difficult to keep away from the face while exercising. If you like to keep your hair in a simple and stable ponytail while in the gym, be aware that this is not possible to do if you sport a layered hairstyle. Layers will always be all over your face, which can be pretty frustrating when you're tired and sweating.

3. Layered hair maintenance is expensive

A layered hairstyle requires more visits to the hairdresser compared to other hairstyles. Therefore, it is important to understand that having layers can not only be time consuming, but also money consuming.

You can't improvise with your layers Layered hair means that you will have a great hairdo, but sport only the one you choose. You can't ponytail it, sport a chignon, or braid it without looking like a big disaster. This means that you can't be versatile with how you look if you sport layers.

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Updated February 23, 2012

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