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Layered Hair Styles For Mature Women

Featuring Leeza Gibbons

layered hair styles

Leeza Gibbons is a mature woman over the age of fifty who wears long layered hair styles beautifully.

Leeza’s locks have been snipped with a wealth of layers which give so much body and fullness to her tresses.

This is the perfect way to offer the effect of thickness to hair that is fine. Not to mention the fact that hair that tends to be limp, can be provided with the appearance of additional body through the use of layers.

Leeza layered hair style also has brow brushing bangs which complement her long face shape.

If you are mimicking Leeza’s hair style, you however, can opt to wear your bang in the style that is most flattering for your own features.

The ends of Leeza Gibbons hair are wispy which is also useful in offering up the appearance of body.

It gives the style a sense of lightness and movement while preventing the overall hairdo from looking weighed down.
Enjoy, long layered hair styles







style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products complimentary to your hair type

De tangle locks with a wide tooth comb and evenly work a palmful of styling mousse through damp strands

Work in small sections while blowing dry making use of a vented brush.

Pull upward at the crown to offer your finished style volume.

Direct your bangs in the direction you want while drying

Once your hair is dry, you can roll the ends of your hair under very slightly with a large barrelled curling iron if you desire

Pinch the ends of your hair very lightly with finger tips that have a small coating of hair wax on them for definition. This can also be done on the ends of your bangs if you want

Mist with a few spritz of light hold hair spray.

You want to have control over your hair but have your locks remaining smooth instead of sticky



layered hair style

Layered Hair Styles

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