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Layer Your Hair To Look Younger

Do you want to layer your hair ? Know the pros and cons of layered hair.

Layered Hairstyles

A lot of women may feel confusion when trying to decide if they should layer their hair or simply have it all in one length.

Considering the fact that hair does not grow very quickly, this decision requires some serious thinking as you might end up with a hair style you don't like for a long time.

Therefore, here are some things you should know before layer your hair which can help you decide on what hair-do will suit you.

Pros of Layering Your Hair

1. Layering can add volume to your hair.
For women whose hair lacks volume and body, layering your hair is a good solution because layered hair gives you an illusion of added hair volume and body.

Although this does include spending some time fixing your hair using the blow drier, it really is a good way of achieving the goal while getting a full-hair look.

With a little help from a hair brush, a blow drier, a good hairspray and some hair mousse, anybody can have the "big hair" look if they sport a layered hair-do.

2. Layering hair can help women look younger.
Long hair with one length can make people look older and has a tendency to emphasize loose skin on the face.

If the hair is layered by a professional, the emphasis is transferred to the eyes and the angular cheeks instead of on the sagging chin of an aged customer. Most stylists claim that women can look ten years younger when they layer their hair.

3. The change is always fun.
Many women usually sport the same-old hairstyle for a very long time. When they decide to change it by layering their hair, it can boost their confidence by getting a new look and feel good about it too.

It is safe to say that changing the hairstyle is a good thing in many situations, especially if a person wants excitement in her life and wants a makeover.

4. Layers look great on most people.
Single-length hairstyles don't always suit people. On the other hand, hair layers are more flattering and they make everybody look nicer than they would with a single-length hairstyle.

The reason behind this is the ability of layered hair to emphasize the more appealing features of the face of an individual.

Cons When You Layer Your Hair

1. It can be time consuming.
Most women have to spend a lot of time using a blow drier and a hair brush in order to get the best out of layering their hair. For the ones who do not like to spend a lot of time doing this and prefer to leave the house in a hurry, hair layers might not be such a good idea.

2. Hair layers can prove to be a problem at the gym.
When layering your hair, you cannot expect to wear it in a ponytail like you have done before.

Hair layers are difficult to pin up for women who spend a lot of time exercising, because the hairs tend to fall out of the ponytail and be less than cooperative. Therefore, women who visit their gym on a regular basis are probably best off looking for another hair style.

It is important to understand that layering your hair is not suitable for ALL people. And if you decide to get a layered hair style, get a professional hair stylist to do the work for you if you don't want to end up with a broom-looking 'do.

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Updated February 23, 2012

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