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Lauren Bacall Hairstyle

lauren bacall mature hairstyleLauren Bacall’s hairstyle is a stunning example of old Hollywood glamour at its finest. Lauren Bacall is also a perfect case in point that shows when you find a hairstyle that works for you; there is never a reason to change your look if you do not want to.

Lauren Bacall’s hairstyle has basically stayed very similar all throughout her long career in tinsel town.

With minor variations here and there and slight color adjustments, she shows with glorious abandon that if something is not broken with your style, there is no reason to make changes.

Although Lauren Bacall is among the older generation of Hollywood’s leading ladies, as with clothing, what was vintage with hair is now back in with flair. Young women all over the world are wearing creative replicas of classic hairstyles.

lauren bacall mature womans hairstyleLauren Bacall’s hair grazes her shoulder’s which offers her enough length to play with if she desires. For an evening out on the town, she can wear this half back classic style. However, for a more laid back event, she could always pull all of her locks back.

There are many hairstyling options available to you when you have a classic hairstyle like Lauren Bacall’s. All it takes is a supply of hair products and tools and your imagination to come up with new looks as often as you want.

As they age, many women fall into the unfortunate trap of believing that they have to clips their hair short and wear their locks in a style that they do not even particularly like. Perhaps they have been influenced by believing that only medium and long locks are for the young.

Lauren Bacall elegantly blows that myth right out of the water! She is living proof that a classic hairstyle that is of medium length can look lovely no matter what your age happens to be.

Young or old, if your face shape is oval, square, heart, diamond or oblong you can flatter your features with this elegant hairstyle.


Styling Steps ~ Lauren Bacalls Hairstyle

Once you have washed and towel dried your hair, dispense a golf ball sized amount of styling mousse into your palm and work through your hair evenly with your fingers.

Blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush.

Starting from your works and working down, make sure the dryer is set to medium heat or lower.

Using large hot rollers, roll your hair in sections starting at the front.

Work until you have a row of hot rollers running from the front of your head down to the back.

Curl the sides of your hair as well as the back working from the crown down.

Once your curlers are cooled, remove them and use a dash of smoothing shine to finger comb your curls in place.

Always avoid using this product on your roots, as it will weigh your hair down.

Gather hair from your sides and crown and clip at the back of your head. Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.


lauren bacall mature womens hairstyle


Lauren Bacall Hairstyle

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