The Latest Hairstyles With New Layers And Lines

The new latest hairstyles tend to feature layers and lines designed to tantalize the eye.

You need look no further than your favorite magazine or even take a glance down the street to see these fabulous styles.

One of the absolute unsurpassed ways to add new life to an old look without making a drastic change in your appearance is through the implementation of layers and lines.

Take a look at this hairstyle for example, if your tresses are long, or medium length, some layers, uniquely infused lines and razoring can making this one of the hottest, latest styles with minimal fuss.

latest hairstyle with layers and lines

This medium length style has a short bang and Ombre color that just won't quit

You can wear the latest hairstyles regardless of your hair type or condition, you simply have to be flexible enough to accept that your look may vary from the picture.

side view latest hairstyle with layers

The layers continue throughout the back, this is a great style for fine hair

Even if your hair is lush with natural curls or waves, you can still sport the latest styles that you crave to try.

Styling products such as straightening balm and tools like a flat iron can go a long way in aiding you to recreate the fabulous latest styles that you love.

Getting The Latest Style

If this sounds like more work than you are looking to put into getting ready, you can ask your stylist to help you create a customized hairstyle that is the latest fashion that offers more of a wash and wear option.

long layered latest hairstyle

This styles various lengths with a touch of purple highlights creates a easy to care for style with a big wow factor

A number of the latest looks blend in deep side parts with side swept and or long bangs as well as artful texturing and layers of various lengths.

This means you can pick and choose the features that you like best from the latest hairstyles to form a look that is your very own.

latest layered hairstyle

Bangs have been the rage for awhile now and are still being used with the latest styles.

One of the main reasons that bangs are so popular is that they provide the addition of depth that completes a look flawlessly.

Not to mention that both bangs, and layers can help to accent or hide certain facial features.

For example, a round face can be adeptly made to appear more lean with the right layers framing the face.

latest hairstyle for round face shape

Graduated face framing layers
soften a round facial shape

Most of the latest hairstyles worn by some of Hollywood's biggest stars feature layers and interesting lines.

Everyone from Mandy Moore to Reese Witherspoon and more have discovered the joys of layers and lines.

Remember that the latest hairstyles are not all medium length. You can be just as trendy and up to the minute as the next woman with one of the latest hairstyles that are long or short as well!

womens latest hairstyle

Featured Hairstyle Style Steps

  • Wash your hair with the right products for your hair type
  • Towel dry and work out tangles with a wide tooth comb Use your fingers to disperse a golf ball sized amount of mousse through damp locks
  • Part your hair with the tail end of a comb
  • Work in small sections and dry your hair while using a brush
  • A tiny amount of styling pomade can be worked through your ends and bangs to help hold your style in place
  • Your ends can be pieced if desired or left natural If desired, a flat iron is a good way to form a sleek style.
  • Use the same method of always working in small, manageable sections
  • Spray shine and hairspray can be used if desired

medium latest hairstyle with layers

Almost choppy layers and lines create this medium length style

latest hairstyle long bangs

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 27, 2015

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