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Laser Hair Removal Part One

hair removalOver the past few years, laser hair removal has become a much talked about method for removing unwanted body hair.

Although many people believe that laser hair removal is permanent, the truth of the matter is that the results of this hair removal method are not the same for everyone.

In fact, not everyone is even a suitable candidate for laser hair removal and even if they are each person will have a different result. Even if you have the money to pay the high price for laser hair removal that does not mean that it will work for you.
If you are looking into laser treatments as a method for you to be rid of unwanted hair, expect to pay around five hundred dollars for around four treatments before the hair is gone for good.
The most important factor when determining if you can work with laser hair removal is your pigment. Pigment is where your hair and skin get their color from. To use laser treatments for hair removal, the color of your hair has to be darker than your skin around the hair.

Laser Hair Removal Part One ~ Pigment

For this reason, if you have dark hair on your body that is course and your skin is light, you will have better luck with laser treatments than a person with red hair or someone with darkly tanned flesh.

The pigment that offers your skin its color is known as melanin. To allow laser treatments to work well, the melanin has to be able to soak up the energy offered up from the laser, which gives off a high amount of heat. Melanin surrounds the structure inside of your hair follicle that has the job of germinating hair. This structure is no longer guarded once the laser energy that has soaked in wrecks the melanin.
Damage is suffered in the hair germination structure by the extensive heat created and this is what thwarts hair from returning in that follicle. People with very dark or tanned skin have a large amount of melanin, which can cause their flesh to soak up a larger amount of the energy from the laser. This leaves less energy to probe their hair follicle.
To see proper results from a laser treatment, the skin absorption has to be at a minimum. Your skin needs to be kept cool during the laser hair removal. This is achieved by using cold compresses on the area.
Cool skin lets the laser pass by so it can come up to the melanin located within the hair follicle. Multi pulsing laser technology is another method for keeping your skin cool. With this method, the energy from the laser is pulsed rather than streamed. This allows less heat to be delivered at one time, which aids in cooling and guarding of the skin.
Laser Hair Removal Part One ~ There are also other laser devices which include an Alexandrite which is a long pulse laser, Diode which is typically used for people with dark skin, Q-Switched Nd:YAG, which delivers two wavelengths that treat deep and near-surface follicles. Ruby has red laser beams that attack melanin.


Laser Hair Removal Part One

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