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Ladies Lingerie Guide

The secrets of sensuality and femininity lie in a few simple pieces of clothing known as lingerie or intimate apparel. 

Your Secrets Of Sensuality

Have you ever thought about the phrase intimate apparel and wondered why it was chosen to describe a woman's undergarments? 

Perhaps it is because it truly is the most intimate piece of clothing that a woman wears. 

Or perhaps it is because nothing expresses a woman's true inner self quite so clearly as her intimate apparel.

Either way, intimate apparel or lingerie is almost like a second skin, caressing in a seductive and sensual manner. 

Nothing is more expressive about the image we have of ourselves than the lingerie we select to wear. Truly, nothing has more power over a woman and the way she feels than the lingerie she wears. 

The feeling we get from wearing exceptionally fine lingerie complements the feeling we get from slathering on fancy body creams and oils, dabbing bits of aromatic perfumes and colognes on our wrists or behind our ears, or receiving a new pedicure, manicure, and hairstyle. 

Every woman wants to look her best from the tip of her toes to the roots of her hair. 

Women spend hours toning their bodies, shaping their eyebrows, styling their hair and nails, and selecting their favorite scents for perfumes, body lotions, and bubble baths.

From getting a good night's sleep to eating a healthy salad for lunch, what a woman does is designed to encourage her good health, improve her appearance, and awaken or maintain a feeling of contentedness with who she is. Why should wearing lingerie be any different?

Lingerie Store Window Display

Wearing Lingerie

Wearing lingerie isn't just about enhancing our physical appearance either.

 Today, wearing lingerie is so much more. Lingerie is our window to our inner being. 

Lingerie caresses a woman's libido, her inner spirit, and her need to be pampered. The wearing of it releases an expression of who we want to be or who we know we are at that moment. 

A high powered executive may put on the skimpy demi cup bra and French cut panties in the morning that allow her feminine side to exist as she battles the business world. 

The overtired mommy may don the hip hugging boy shorts and low cut brassiere that remind her throughout the day that her partner in love will soon be there to shower her with kisses. 

A store clerk might wear the lacy, see through bikini briefs and front clasp bra while putting in her time at work and secretly wishing her prince charming would arrive and whisk her away. 

The on the go photographer wears her oh too sexy thong and bra set to remind her there really is a woman beneath the camera and flashing lights.

Do you wear intimate apparel to feel sexy or to look sexy? Perhaps it's a bit of both. Perhaps it should be a bit of both. 

A woman, who feels sexy, looks sexy.  Indeed, a woman who has the secret knowledge that she is wearing a delightfully sinful and provocative panty and bra ensemble underneath her sedate business suit is a woman who can take on any challenge of the day.

Lingerie has come a long way from the tightly fitted corsets that hid a woman's features to the skimpy pieces of cloth that leave nothing to the imagination, well almost nothing.

Today, we flaunt what we have and we do it tastefully, thanks to the wisdom of lingerie designers who know what it is that lingerie can achieve in each one of us. 

Today, lingerie, no longer banished to remain hidden beneath our clothes, makes an almost daily appearance with a hint of color beneath thin, filmy tops, a tantalizing wisp of bra strap on our smooth and naked shoulder, or a band of color that can only belong to our thong, emerging above our low rise jeans.

Even in this barely perceptible image, lingerie has a way of appealing to those who glimpse its bright or subtle color.

 No longer do we concern ourselves with the "what if my bra or panties show through," but rather, we are wondering, "will it look pretty." 

No more do we hide our assets. Instead, we flaunt what we have and we do it with the added zest of padded bras and padded cheeks, push up underwires and demi cups, French cut or barely there. 

We minimize this and we maximize that and all with the help of ultra this and ultra that.

Today's era is one in which less is more with strapless, backless, and crotchless. 

More is less with g-string, thong, or see through. In fact, a woman can express her sexual libido with a simple choice of scanty or generous, sheer or opaque, pastel or bold.


A Ladies Guide To Lingerie