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kristen stewart hairKristen Stewart’s hair has been the talk of all of Hollywood and among teens and young adults lately.

This long hairstyle, complete with loose waves and vibrant color is a very attractive choice for the younger generation.

Many individuals are seeking out the instructions to this hairstyle so that they may sport the same, gorgeous look that Kristen Stewart reflects.

This article will provide you with the complete styling instructions that will make this an easy look to achieve!


Kristen Stewarts Hair ~ Styling Steps:

style steps The first thing that you will want to do to achieve Kristen Stewart’s hair is to put a generous amount of mousse in your hand and evenly distribute it throughout the hair. It is important that the hair is completely dry when you do this.

style steps Next, take a brush and work to part the hair to the left hand side. It is important to choose your brush carefully, as the medium sized radial brush seems to work best when preparing for this particular hairstyle.

style steps Now, you will want to pull out the hairdryer. Take the brush and pull up your bangs, using the hairdryer, blow the bangs slightly towards the right, and to the front.

style steps Next, take the same brush and sort of wind the back of the hair under and blow dry that section. You should blow dry the sides of your hair in the same manner, after you have blown under the back of the hair.

style steps Next, you will want to get your curling iron out. It is important that the curling iron is a large one. You will want to start with the back of hair. Instead of a general circular wrap on the curling iron, wrap the hair in a spiral manner. This will allow the curls to end up loose and wavy, and not too tight. Getting the curls too tight may be unbecoming to the style that you are attempting to accomplish.

style steps Next, you will want to move to the sides of the hair. You should curl the middle area of the hair in the same manner that you did on the back of the hair. Then, simply skip down to the bottom part of the hair and spiral wrap the ends in the large curling iron as well.

style steps Next, take a bit of hair wax and apply the substance on the ends of the hair. It is important to only do this step on the ends as there are other substances that should be used on the mid length area of the hair, as well as the curls towards the top.

style steps Next, you will want to take some hair spray and apply it lightly over the hair. This will ensure that the hair does not seem stiff. You want the style to appear healthy and bouncy as this is what is so appealing about Kristen Stewart’s hairstyle.

style steps The last step that you should take to add volume and shine to the hair is to use some spray in conditioner. You will want to gently mist the hair at least one time using the spray in conditioner.

As you can see, it is really simple to get the same look at Kristen Stewart. All it takes is a little knowledge of the styling steps and Kristen Stewarts hair can be your hair.

kristen stewart updo hairstyle
kristen stewart long hairstyle
kristen stewart hairstyle


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