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Kids Hairstyles Of The 1950s

girls 1950s hairstyle
boys 1950s hairstyle
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1950s Hairstyles For Kids

Although the 1950s were a decade that was known for its conservatism, one area where conservatism had no place was when it came to hairstyles! Just as their mothers were experimenting with home permanents, pin rollers and poodle cuts, children could be seen in a wide variety of hairstyles.

kids hairstyles of the 1950sWhile mostly young children had hair that was kept shorter and simpler for ease of care, it is still interesting to see that there were many different styles in which children, especially girls, could wear their locks.

For the most part, hair past the shoulders was the most popular for young girls, though it seldom went much longer than that.

This length allowed for pigtail braids, which could be left loose to fall down the back, or could be looped back around to form two long loops.

For a young girl who cared to sport a slightly more mischievous look, her hair could be tied back in a high ponytail and emphasized with short bangs.

These hairdos were for the most part solely held in places with ribbons, and when the hair was worn loose, might be accompanied by a head band.

Just like their mothers were going crazy over the idea of home permanents, young girls wouldn’t left out either. Magazines would feature styles like the Richard Hudnut Home Permanent for Children, or the Party Curl, which would promise to give young girls adorably bouncy, curly hair.

A girl with curly hair might pin her hair back with simple barrettes or she might part her hair down the middle and tie them up in pigtails on either side of her head.

1950s boys hairstylesBoys during the fifties tended to wear their hair shorter and shorter as they got older. While they were still young enough to be taken care of at home.

Their mothers might simply place a bowl on their heads and trim off everything underneath it, leading to the extremely correct name for the bowl cut.

As they got older, boys usually favored a more cropped style, though the Tony Curtis look, with it’s restrained pompadour and styled locks came to prominence among older boys.

Kids hairstyles of the 1950s had many different styling options and when it came time to decide how to wear their hair, and it was easy to see that they took advantage of this!

Kids Hairstyles Of The 1950s

girls short 1950s pixie hairstyle
boys short 50s hairstyle
girls 50s hairstyle
Short pixie hairstyles were popular for little girls.
Short sides with a longer parted front for young boys
Girls longer bangs were often swept to the side with barrettes

Kids Hairstyles Of The 1950s

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