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Kids Brushing Teeth, Teaching Kids To Care For Their Teeth

kids brushing teethThe arrival of a baby’s first tooth is a very important milestone. However, dental care should not start at the first tooth.

It should start as soon as the child is born. Prior to that first tooth, it is important to periodically clean the gums with a soft cloth throughout the day.


Care Of The Gums Is Important

The gums act as a placeholder for the teeth, and their proper care is essential to the overall health of the teeth. Once the first tooth arrives, it is important to continue cleaning with a soft cloth until the arrival of a few more teeth.

It is then that you should integrate the use of a small age appropriate toothbrush that has soft bristles and a tiny drop of toothpaste that is fluoride based.

Kids Brushing Teeth - Toddlers
By the age of two, possibly even three, a child is normally prepared to be introduced to brushing their own teeth. It is important to ensure that you make this habit fun and entertaining for the child that is just learning to accomplish this task.

You should inform the kid that they are growing up and that brushing their own teeth is a big responsibility. You should tell them how very important it is to brush their teeth and to ensure that their gums stay healthy. By doing this, you are encouraging healthy habits that will last throughout the duration of your child’s life.

When teaching your child to brush their own teeth, it is important to integrate a little fun and play into the task. You could play "follow the leader” by having your child mimic exactly what you are doing when you brush your teeth. Then, you may want to allow your child to take on the role of the "leader” and you copy all of the actions that they perform while they brush their teeth. This will make this activity more like a game rather than a chore to children.

Start A Brushing Chart

In addition to this, it can help you, as the parent, to determine where your child needs some work, and how well they are progressing in their lessons overall. It is important to always track the progress of a child who is learning to brush their teeth. Many parents will implement the use of a "Super Star Chart”.

This is a small chart that can be placed in the bathroom, by the sink. Then, each time a child successfully handles their dental hygiene, a sticker may be placed on this chart.

Once the chart is completely full with a predetermined amount of stickers, the child may select a special toy, treat, or activity. It is important to keep this chart near the area where the tooth brushing is done so that it reminds the child throughout the day that they need to brush.

When teaching your child to brush their teeth, it is important to ensure that you teach them out to floss and how to rinse with an anti-cavity, fluoride mouthwash.

This increases the effectiveness of the hygiene that is taking place in the mouth by aiding in the prevention of dental diseases and conditions. In addition to this, it is imperative that you teach the child the importance of brushing the tongue and the inside of the jaws.

It has been recently discovered that these areas tend to retain a lot of dangerous germs and bacteria that may cause tooth decay, cavities, and similar issues.

By the time your child is between the ages of five and eight, they should be quite comfortable in handling their dental care alone.

However, until you know for sure that they are prepared to handle this task alone; you should always supervise them while they participate in their own dental hygiene.
Happy Brushing!

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Kids Brushing Teeth
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