Kelly Rowland Hairstyles, Try This Do With Flicked Ends

kelly rowland layered smooth medium length black hairstyleIn her shoulder length, slightly wavy, layered hairstyle, Kelly Rowland shows that she can definitely stand on her own. Kelly Rowland is not just one part of one of the most popular girl group trio’s of all time, she is a solo star in her own right.

Always one to look lovely, Kelly Rowland positively glows in this shoulder length, wavy layered hairstyle.

With her flicked ends gracefully brushing the tops of her shoulders, Kelly Rowland’s hairstyle looks ready to take her through the night with ease.

You do not need a special occasion to wear your locks in the same wavy, layered look that Kelly Rowland has. Any time of the day or night, at a formal soirée or a casual affair this hairstyle would be a grand choice.

This wavy, layered hairstyle of Kelly Rowland’s is terrific in the fact that with a cut like this, you are actually offered a superior amount of hairstyling versatility.

The layers on this cut are left long enough that you could easily pull your hair back if desired.

You could even use some styling products and hair accessories to sculpt your style into a flattering updo. The sky is the limit when it comes to styling a wavy, layered haircut like Kelly’s.

For this occasion, Kelly has opted for a simple hairstyle. As the saying goes, often times, less is more.

This hairstyle makes this case in point completely true. Although a very basic look, everything about this hairstyle flows to result in hairstyle sophistication that is hard to beat.

You too can wear your locks in a medium length; wavy layered hairstyle such as this. It flatters facial shapes that are oval, heart, triangular, square and oblong.

Even though Kelly has thick locks, even fine hair can benefit from a cut full of shape and body like this one.

The front layers offer an extra dose of pizzazz to Kelly’s hairstyle and help to accentuate the wave in her locks.

For this event, the flicked ends provide a flirty touch that adds a playful element to the overall effect.

If you have a half hour to spare and a few styling products and tools, you can recreate the magic of Kelly Rowlands wavy, layered hairstyle right in your own home.


kelly rowland long wavy black hairstyle

Styling Steps - Kelly Rowlands Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps After washing your hair with products for your personal hair type towel dry and work out any tangles with a comb.
Style Hair Steps Holding a bottle of spray gel at least three inches from your locks, mist the product evenly on your roots for volume.
Style Hair Steps A generous amount of mouse can be distributed evenly throughout your hair with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Create a center part in your hair with the end of your comb. Middle parts are a good way to add length and a lean look to your face.
Style Hair Steps Divide your hair into sections and use a round brush while blow-drying. Blow the back of your ends out in a flicked over motion. The sides of your hair should be dried under while the crown of your hair calls for you to lift at the roots with your brush to provide volume.
Style Hair Steps Hair wax on your fingers can be used on the back of your hair. Avoid the roots and pull your hair slightly outward to create a sexy, tousled effect.
Style Hair Steps With the wax, work the sides of your hair in a downward motion. When it comes to your roots, lift as high as you want for as much height as desired.
Style Hair Steps A light dose of smooth shine will offer your hair a glossy finish and keep fly aways under control.
Style Hair Steps A thorough misting of hairspray will finish your style off perfectly.


kelly rowlands flipped hairstyle
Kelly Rowlands Hairstyle

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