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Kelly Clarkson Hairstyles

Kelly Clarkson hairstyles have come a long way from the girl next door look that she sported on American Idol.

Kelly Clarkson's Style

Kelly is wearing a much more sleek, sophisticated hairstyle composed of numerous layers and intriguing colors.

This layered hairstyle is perfect for those with fine hair like Kelly's. The layers are long and offer movement to the hairstyle and at the same time, allow the hairstyle to hold its shape.

If you have thicker locks, you can have your stylist cut in some extra layers or use thinning shears so that you too can wear the same hairstyle as Kelly.

With a round face shape like Kelly Clarkson's, this is the perfect hairstyle.

Her layered locks frame her face creating an illusion off less width than is actually there. This is a terrific way to pull the eye inward so that your face will not appear to be as round as it is.

The same is true for the highlights that weave their way through Kelly Clarkson's layered hairstyle. Not only do the colors which vary from thin to medium in size make her fine locks look thicker, but the prevent the eye from focusing on the width of a round face.

Styling Steps Kelly Clarkson Featured Hairstyle

kelly clarkson featured hairstyle

Style Steps

  1. Wash your hair with products specific to your hair type and condition
  2. Detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb working from the ends to the roots
  3. Work a generous dollop of styling mousse throughout your hair with your fingertips Apply some volumizing styling cream to the roots of your hair at the crown
  4. Attach a diffuser to your blow dryer and on a medium setting, use a round brush to dry your hair in small sections, lift at the crown with the brush or your fingertips while drying
  5. Back comb the roots of your hair to offer your style volume Apply pomade to your fingers and gently piece and arrange the ends of your hair and lift the roots with your fingers and mist with a strong hold hairspray to keep your height in place
  6. Mist with a light hold hairspray to control fly away strands and to give you all day and night hold.

Celebrity Hairstyle Update

Kelly Clarkson Soft Curly Hairstyle

Kelly Clarkson's Latest Hairstyle A medium long length with soft romantic curls, easily created with a curling iron.

Kelly wore this style while preforming at Q102's Jingle Ball 12/07/2011

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Updated February 8, 2012