Kelis Wild Hairstyle, Big Natural Curls

kelis wild natural curllly black hairThe seventies are back, or so one would think when viewing Kelis’s funky curly hairdo. Kelis grabs on to the joy of having natural curls and with the implementation of graduation around the edges of her hair she shows them off to perfection.

This wild and curly hairstyle only appears retro; it is actually incredibly modern. These days you can still allow your locks to seem as if they are out of control when really, with the right cut, you are calling all of the shots.

African American women can have a good time having a fun wild and curly hairstyle such as this. It takes such little time to style your hair when you allow your curls to go natural like Kelis does.

A wild and curly hairstyle like the one that Kelis wears is all about the cut and care of your curls. Your stylist can clip your African American locks in such a way that styling takes so little time.

As long as you take care of your curls, and practice good hair maintenance, your hairstyle will always look brilliant. Have the confidence necessary to wear your African American hair in this funky, wild curly hairstyle.

Kelis takes her fun look even further by using hair color. Of course, you can always leave your curly, African American hair its natural shade. However, coloring is such an easy way to completely change your current look.

Kelis has an all over warm deep blonde shade and a rainbow of other hues throughout her ends, which add such depth to her look.

If you do not feel ready to try a permanent color, you can always decide to put a wash out color in when you are wanting to have a dash of fun with your locks.

Women with black hair can visit their beautician for help with color, or they can decide to play with shades at home by themselves. Either way, choose a color that is bound to compliment and flatter your complexion and your sure to look as good as Kelis does.

This wild, curly hairstyle is ideal for oval, oblong, heart or diamond face shapes. If you have medium or thick tresses you can do no wrong picking this style for your African American hair.


Styling Steps - Kelis Wild Hairstyle


kelis wild black hairstyle

Style Hair Steps A small amount of moisturizer can be worked throughout freshly washed and towel dried tresses. This is an essential step when dealing with curly African American locks.

Style Hair Steps Sculpture lotion will now be utilized to allow your curls to take on a spectacular form.
Style Hair Steps Comb your locks into the position that you desire.
Style Hair Steps Bend at the waist and dry your hair upside down with a diffuser attachment.
Style Hair Steps Use the tail end of your comb; start at the middle of your right eye and work back to create a right part.
Style Hair Steps Place a dash of gel on the ends of your locks and scrunch lightly with your fingertips.
Style Hair Steps A generous misting of hair spray for hold finishes off this funky hairstyle.



Kelis Wild Hairstyle

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