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Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle You Can Have

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The Bob has by far proven to be the most popular hairstyle among women since it debuted in the 20’s. However, with its updated versions from lovely celebrities such as Katie Holmes, the Bob is enjoying a renewed sense of vitality.

katie holmes bobKatie Holmes Bob is not as sharp as some of Hollywood’s other elite leading ladies. Those women tend to have a razor to create sharp edges whereas Katie opts to have her Bob snipped to allow for fluid movement and a touch of wave.

Katie Holmes Bob also tends to form a gentle C as it frames her face which is a very delicate, feminine touch. Besides holding an air of sophistication, Katie Holmes Bob is still soft yet remains chic.

Another large appeal of the Bob is that it is adaptable for virtually all face shapes and hair types. However, it should definitely be noted that if your locks are too wavy or curly, your overall finished hairstyle will not look exactly like Katie’s Bob and you’re bound to need styling tools and products to produce a straight, sleek finish.

Even if you are crazy about Katie Holmes hairstyle, you must always keep in mind that to look your best, you must be prepared to make adaptations for your own features and hair type. For example, if your forehead is high, some bangs swept to the side will disguise the length. Katie Holmes Bob also has the ability for play if you so desire.

There is enough length to clip the sides back or to use hair jewels on special occasions for a touch of flair. Thanks to long layers, Katie Holmes Bob has an abundance of texture that allows for flow.

If your locks are a pretty close match to Katie’s and you wish to replicate her look as closely as possible, ask your stylist for an angular, graduated Bob with the addition of vampy, bangs. Make sure to take a picture of Katie Holmes Bob haircut in with you to the salon.

Styling Steps - Katie's Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

style steps Wash your hair with appropriate shampoo and conditioner

style steps Apply a palm full of styling mousse through your hair working from roots to ends

style steps Distribute the product remove tangles with a wide tooth comb

style steps Use a large paddle brush and dry your hair in small sections, work from the roots down. When you reach the ends, flip the ends slightly under.

style steps When your hair is fully dry, use a large barreled curling iron if you wish to flip the ends of your hair under

style steps Before doing this, if your hair still contains too much kink, run a ceramic straightening iron over your locks for a sleek, glossy finish

style steps A dab of pomade between your palms and glazed over your hair will keep your style in place and ensure that fly away strands are kept under control

style steps Mist with spray shine on special occasions

style steps Spritz with a medium hold hairspray to keep your style in place without compromising the movement that makes this hairstyle special.


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Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle

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