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Kate Moss Hair, New Bangs And Medium Length

kate moss
kate moss
kate moss
Super model Kate Moss is popular in part thanks to her glorious mane of hair. The years that she has been in front of the camera have seen Kate wear a range of different hairstyles and colors and she always looks remarkable.

Although beautiful at all times, Kate Moss’s medium length hairstyle is an exception choice that brings out everything ravishing in this stunning ladies looks.

kate moss hairThis Kate Moss medium length hairstyle is so simplistic yet at the same time unbelievably stunning. Kate Moss’s medium length hairstyle offers her a glamorous look with a classic casual edge that is perfect for formal events and daily activities alike.

Kate Moss wears her medium length hairstyle with an attractive bang that lends an additional air of sophistication to this style. The bangs of this medium length hairstyle were snipped in a jagged manner with long length to offer up some elements of texture.

To keep her medium length hairstyle from falling flat, Kate Moss has long layers that were shaped to fall around her sides and back and to provide her volume throughout the crown and give form to the ends.

You are bound to find that the Kate Moss medium length hairstyle is very simple to care for and only takes regular trims to keep it looking fantastic.

Another appealing aspect to Kate Moss’s medium length hairstyle is that it is completely suitable for most face shapes. In fact, women with oval, oblong, diamond or square faces can easily sport this classic look.

Kate Moss has locks that are medium thick and this hairstyle will wear well for females with tresses of this texture. However, you can have your stylist adapt the cut somewhat to work with your own specific hair texture.

As with virtually any other hairstyle, the Kate Moss medium length hairstyle can be modified, mixed-up, held in place and more with a variety of your favorite styling products. Simply choose high quality mousse, hairspray, smoothing shine or wax to see what you can come up with.

Although it can take some time to style this look from start to finish, it is not a complex hairdo to work with. Not to mention the fact that every second spent on this look is more than worth the effort!

Styling Steps Kate Moss Hair

Wash your hair with products designed for your specific hair type and condition

Work a generous dollop of mousse through towel dried tresses with your fingers

Detangle and create a center part with the tail end of your comb, work from the center of your forehead backwards to ensure an even divide

Create small sections throughout your hair and work with a medium barreled round brush while blowing dry

The back of your hair and the sides should be dried under. While drying the crown, lift slightly to provide your hair with volume. The bangs will be dried forward and slightly under

Once your hair is fully dry, rub some styling wax on your fingers and gently run them down the back and sides of your hair. Again, lift at the crown for height and work your bangs forward

Mist with spray shine and hairspray for a glossy, long lasting hold



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Kate Moss Hair

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