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Kate Middleton Style

kate middleton style

The Girl Next Door

kate middleton fashionEvery girl next door should take notes from Kate Middleton’s style. Kate shows off her personal style while remaining on this side of respectable. From her glamorous hair and makeup to the jacket she wraps around her, Kate applies a formal or casual look with simple ease.

Lady Diana’s wardrobe set the tone, but Kate Middleton seems to be able to make her own classy, refined and personal mark despite Lady Di’s shadow.

Kate Middleton’s style flows naturally from her sense of personal expression and carefully appropriate attire. For outdoor events, she wears casual faded jeans but dresses them up with a slim cashmere sweater and crisp white blouse. Jeans might seem common if Kate forgot to wear boots and hats to elevate even the most ordinary outfits to something that truly shines.

Kate’s interest in fashion and small clothing houses influences her choice of clothing. She favors sweaters and shirts that easily accentuate her slim waist and long legs.

Style To the left is the outfit and hat Kate wore to the wedding of Laura Parker Bowles and Harry Lopes at St. Cyriac's Church / Lacock Wiltshire, England on May 6 2006



kate middletons sloany style


Kate's Sloaney Style

When she shops, Kate favors boutique shops and small designers that carry wide belted dresses, vintage fabrics and even hand knitted skirts. Regardless of which bold printed fabric is used, Kate wears short and maxi length skirts revealing she is comfortable with a wide variety of styles.

Over each outfit, Kate tosses a printed, patterned or fitted jacket to complete the look. She knows how to make her look complete from top to bottom. The new face of royalty might experiment with new styles, but she does keep it appropriate to Kate Middleton's style and beauty.

The soft wrap dress Kate sports on casual days gives her a flowing beauty as well as a touch of modern influence. Up to date palette choices for Kate include shades of blue, brown and even the occasional splash of pink.




Kate Middleton Hair

kate middletons hair



No woman would be complete without the best hair and make-up. Kate's flowing shoulder length hair frames her face most days. Sometimes wavy, sometimes straight, Kate's locks never seem overly styled nor entirely forgotten.

She trains her hair back from her face for more formal events, however, showing that she knows when to rein it in. Kate's smile does not fight with her make-up for attention, which reveals a careful knowledge of the classic look.

Even attending a Halloween function in costume Kate managed to strike a bold party look without seeming tacky.




kate middleton hats

The Hats

The best accessory, ( besides a prince) however, has to be Kate's choice in hats. Like icing on the cake, these creations run a wide range of styles.

Formal occasions seem to inspire Kate's hats in the direction of tufted feathers and sculpted forms that even Lady Diana would enjoy. Kate's casual style is accessible with brown berets for warmth or broad brimmed garden hats for informal affairs.



kate middleton ski wear




Kate Middleton Outfits

Fashion requires attention to detail, but Kate takes a less cluttered style to keep it simple and sleek. Kate Middleton's style has been influenced by boutique fashion and personal choice, but her focus remains on looking good at just the right moment in just the right way.

The girlfriend of Prince William of Wales looks chic wearing a white ski jacket with black ski pants when they went skiing in 2008 at Klosters Resort in Grisons, Switzerland in 2008. The slideshow below featues pictures of Kate and William boating in Ibiza Spain in 2006. Again Kate looks smashing in a simple white bikini that is just tiny enough.

We love her light as a breeze cover up and sunglasses with white accents on the frame. Enjoy, Kate Middleton's Style!




Kate Middleton's Style Brings A Fresh New Look To The Royal Family
kate middleton ponytail
kate middleton
kate middleton wavy beach hairstyle

A Day On The Water ~ Kate Middleton Style
Prince William And Kate Middleton

Fashion Notes

kate middleton topshop dress

The Kate Middleton Topshop Dress
Kate Middleton wore this dress from Topshop on her 25th Birthday in London England 01/09/2007

topshop dress print

Prints Kate Middleton Style
Although Kate has a small frame she knows how to wear a larger print well

The Royal Wedding


Prince William And Kate Middleton Commemorative Plate and Mug

prince-william-commemorative plate

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London, England