Kate Gosselin Hair Cut And Bob Hairstyle

The Kate Gosselin Bob was considered to be a perfect hair cut choice for busy moms. Known as the devoted mother of eight children and a loving wife, Kate Gosselin was the popular mom of the Gosselin family television show called Jon And Kate Plus Eight. Many mothers were particularly interested in how Kate managed to keep up her appearance so easily. The trick was, her great concave bob hairstyle.

kate gosselin short hair

I like to call this the "Kate Gosselin Bob”. This is the absolutely perfect hair cut and style for all those moms out there that are looking to optimize their appearance without all the hassle! When looking at the hair from the front of Kate's face, you will find that there are varying lengths on either side of her face. The left side is relatively longer than that of the right side.

The Kate Gosselin Bob Haircut – A Perfect Choice for Busy Moms

This is referred to as lengths that are considered to be "asymmetrical”. Now, if you examine the bangs, you will find that the left side of the bangs simply wisp over to the left where the actual side length is longer. In Kate Gosselin’s bob hairstyle, this actually adds length to this side of the hair. In order to achieve this style, it is important to ensure that your hair works in much the same way as far as all the unique components are concerned.

When looking at the back of Kate's hairstyle, you will find that around the area of her hairline, the hair is cut into choppy, yet structures sections in order to optimize the look and feel of the Kate Gosselin Bob. This type of cut is also beneficial when it comes to sculpting the hairstyle into a voluminous array of feminine beauty that is just perfect for the busy mom! This is also a perfect style for someone wanting to lengthen a round face shape.

Here Are Some Style Variations Of Kate Gosselin's Short Hair You Can Style

kate gosselin style short hair

kate gosselin hair cut style

dressy bob hairstyle

side view kate gosselin style

kate gosselin style short hairstyle

edgy kate gosselin haircut look

How To Style Kate Gosselin's Stacked Bob Hairstyle

style kate gosselins short hair


Naturally, the first thing that you will want to do is remove any and all traces of styling products that can affect the way that the hair looks and holds when you are styling it like Kate style. The best way to do this is through a shampoo that works to enhance the overall volume of the hair while deep cleaning it.

Once you have thoroughly cleansed the hair, it is time to add the "bounce”. The most effective way to do this is by conditioning. There are many different types of conditioning products on the market today that add volume to the hair.

Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, apply some leave in conditioner. There are typically two types of products that you can get to accomplish this task. The first is a spray in conditioner and the second is a leave in conditioner that is more like a gel. Simply make sure that every strand is covered. This will assist in the volume and the shine that your hair has.

Next, you will want to put a generous amount of mousse in your hand and go over your hair. This will help to hold the hair in place. You want to ensure that you take the left side of the bangs and then sweep them over to the right side of the face. In order to get the whole Kate Gosselin Bob look, it is important to sort of sweep the left side over to where your right eye is fully visible. You will want to bring down the left side to where it is straight down.

Now take some sculpting gel and apply it to the bangs on the right side so that they will stay where you have styled them. Once the sculpting spray is in place, get your hair spray and spray the bangs to optimize hold. You should also work the hair spray around various other locations of the head. It is not important to spray every single strand of hair, but it is important to do an all over mist.


Next, you should get a diffuser and blow dry the hair in order to set the Kate Gosselin Bob hairstyle in place. It is important to set the diffuser on a low setting, and also to make sure that all of your hair is dry. The diffuser is the best styling tool to use because it simply blows the air out without actually damaging the style that you have created.

Once your hair has been dried by the diffuser, you should take a combing pick and touch up any loose ends and pieces that seem to be out of place. Once this is completed, simply spray the hair with a little spritz to add the final touch and you are ready to go!

As you can see, the Kate Gosselin Bob hairstyle is the perfect look for all of you busy moms out there that want a stylish look without having to spend a lot of time or put a lot of effort into it. You may not be the mom of the Gosselin sextuplets, but if you follow the steps that are listed above, you can get the same look as the very popular mother of eight! Enjoy, Kate Gosselin Hair Cut And Bob Hairstyle

Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: February 3, 2015

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