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Kate Bosworth has set trends throughout her career when it comes to hairstyles. This beautiful lady looks smashing in a shoulder length bob or a loose and wavy medium length style. However, her elegance and personal style really shine through when it comes to her all back hairstyles.

kate bosworth hairstylesKate Bosworth hairstyles that are pulled back and off the face really define the "wow factor” when it comes to appeal, glamour, and setting trends for other women.

Here, I will share with you the style strategies for creating your own wow factor with the Kate Bosworth all back hairstyles.

This is a relatively easy style to achieve. However, if you want to end up looking as beautiful and glamorous as Kate Bosworth, it is essential to ensure that you follow the styling steps listed here.

It will also be beneficial to ensure that you add a little makeup in order to add your own wow factor to the Kate Bosworth hairstyle!

Styling Steps Kate Bosworth's All Back Hairstyle:

1. The first thing that you will want to do when integrating the all back Kate Bosworth style is completely shampoo the hair. If you can find shampoo that is known for adding silky shine to the hair, this will be best. You will want to completely saturate the hair, apply the shampoo, and work it into lather in the hair.

2. Once you have rinsed the shampoo out of the hair, you will want to apply a silky conditioner. For extra highlights, use a glamour type condition that leaves behind small glimmering crystals. This will add to the overall wow factor that you are trying to produce. You should leave the conditioner on the hair for approximately three to five minutes prior to rinsing it out.

3. Now, once you have shampooed and conditioned the hair, you will want to pat dry it with a towel. You will want to take a fine tooth brush and brush it down to the sides.

Now, simply spray in some leave in conditioner and add any type of hair product. For this particular style, I would say that it is best to use a lightweight styling gel. Only use a small amount, though, because you do not want your hair to come out looking stiff and heavy.

4. Now, sweep the hair back and use a diffuser on low heat. It is important that you do not dry the hair completely. You want to avoid the strands of the hair frizzing out.

5. Brush the hair straight back on the head as it is near to dry. The bangs, the sides, and other parts of the hair should be swept back towards the back of the head. You will want to get a hair accessory, such as a large hair clip.

6. Take the back of the hair and twist it loosely and pull the bottom of the hair towards the top of the head. Once all the pieces look even, you will want to place your hair clip over the hair in a vertical manner.

7. Now, you will want to glisten the hair with a small amount of hairspray in order to hold every strand in place. Do not use a large amount of hairspray as this can make the hair appear relatively stiff.


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Kate Bosworth Hairstyles

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