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Julia Roberts Hairstyles And Haircuts

julia-roberts-tousled-layersJulia Roberts has been noted throughout her career as a trendsetter when it comes to hairstyles. The styles and flair of Julia Roberts has been displayed by the mood and the fashion statement that she is trying to convey.

While difficult to achieve the "Roberts” look, it is quite possible. For years, women everywhere have attempted to replicate the styles of this famous actress.

Many have succeeded. Here, you will learn how you, too, can achieve the various Julia Roberts hairstyles.

The Moody Side - Julia Roberts Hairstyles

We have all seen various moods displayed when it comes to Julia Roberts’s hairstyles. One of the most popular hairstyles displayed by this actress is the "moody” one which consists of a tossed and unkempt look that actually brings out the natural beauty of this actress.

julia-roberts-long-layered-hairThis style is normally most prominent in longer hairstyles, and the curls are more like long, streaming waves touched by a slight amount of frizz to maximize the whole "I did not brush my hair today” look.

It is a full hairstyle that is worn best by individuals who have thick hair marked by the facial shapes of oval, triangular, square, oblong, and, of course, the heart shaped face.

In order to achieve this Julia Roberts hairstyle, the hair should be completely dry.

You should take your hands and scrunch up the curls and kind of "throw” them a little bit.

You should then get out the hair dryer and turn it on either the medium or high setting. As you are running the dryer through your hair, you should continue to scrunch and spray with a gel spritz.

This will maximize the appearance of the "frizz” and "relaxed” look. Once the look that you want has been achieved, simply apply some gel spray and you are ready to go.

The Mark of Maturity - Julia Roberts Hairstyles

If you have seen the Julia Roberts hairstyles that mark her maturity, chances are you are in love with it! This look was displayed at the American Cinematheque Awards – the 22nd one. She straightened the top of the hair and smoothed out all the layers that are so common to her style. This created a smooth, mature appearance that people everywhere simply adored on the maturing actress.

If you have long hair with a few waves, and would like to achieve this look, it is quite simple to do. However, it is important to understand that hair types that are thick in density are most appropriate for this hairstyle.

The first thing that you should do is apply hot rollers in the bottom sections of the hair and then use mousse or simple hair spray to spritz over the rollers as they sit.

Once it comes time to take out the hot rollers, you should run the hair dryer over the rollers that are in place for just a few minutes on low heat.

One by one, take the rollers out. Once they have all been completely removed, you should take a pick and brush them out slowly.

You want to ensure that there is a wave and curl look, and picking the hair is the best way to achieve this. Once this is completed, simply brush down the bangs with a middle part. You now have the mark of maturity displayed in Julia Roberts’s hairstyles.

Fun and Sassy - Julia Roberts Hairstyles

If anyone can wear a "fun and sassy” hairstyle, it is Julia. This is a short style full of defined curls and bounce that Julia has worn that is about shoulder length.

Created by a multitude of layers in a short feathered type cut, this style brings out the natural bounce of large, defined curls. Though this is considered high maintenance, it is a relatively easy style to achieve.

Individuals who have hair that is weighed down by thickness can find new hair flare with this hairstyle. It is most appropriate for women who have the faces shapes of diamond, oval, heart, and oblong.

In order to maximize the ability to achieve this particular hairstyle, the hair should be cut to shoulder length, or a tad longer. It is important to keep it at this length consistently, so regular trims are a must.

When the hair is wet, you should scrunch up the curls. Once this has been accomplished, mousse or a spray gel should be applied.

Then, a hair dryer should be used on low heat to dry the hair. It is important to avoid high heat when drying the hair because it can add unwanted frizz to the hair. This fun and sassy Julia Roberts’s hairstyle can be achieved in thirty minutes or less.

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