Judy Reyes Hairstyle A Beautiful Side Swept Up Do

Judy Reyes is not just known for her role on Scrubs as well as numerous other television and movie credits, she is also recognized for her glowing beauty. This actress of Dominican descent always appears wonderfully put together regardless of how she styles her locks.

Typically one for a more casual look, Judy decided to emulate a stunning glamorous look from past centuries when it was time to make an appearance at the 2006 ALMA Awards.

For this event, Judy worked backcombing magic to form a top full of body and a bottom pinned to the side. Oval, oblong, heart, triangular and square face shapes can wear this side swept classic hairstyle.

It will always flatter square face shapes the most however.

Due to the fact that so much volume is needed to make this classic, side swept hairstyle look its best, ladies who posses fine to medium locks will have the easiest time fashioning Judy Reyes's timeless side hairdo.

Locks that are very thick can be made to take on this hairstyle but it is bound to take a lot of product, time and effort to achieve.

judy reyes black updo hairstyleIf your hair is not as long as Judy Reyes’s is, you can still wear a classic, side swept hairstyle like hers.

Hair that can be teased high and pinned to the side can have a glamorous hairdo like Judy Reyes hairstyle.

When your next formal event is around the corner, why not make plans to sculpt your tresses into a masterpiece side swept look like Judy Reyes’s?

You will need to give yourself around a half of an hour to form this look before you will be ready to go.

Make certain that you keep a comb, a few extra pins and even a small bottle of hairspray in your purse if possible for mid-evening touch-ups if needed.

Judy Reyes keeps her make-up as classic as her hairstyle. This is an attention getting hairdo, do not make the mistake of going too heavy with your cosmetics.

Instead, do as Judy has done and keep the focus on your locks and balance the overall look with gently applied shades on your eyes, cheeks and lips.


Styling Steps - Judy Reyes Hairstyle Elegant And Side Swept

Style Hair Steps After washing your hair with products for your hair type, towel dry gently and work out any tangles with a wide toothcomb.
Style Hair Steps Fill your palm with mousse and distribute evenly throughout your hair with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps While blow drying, work with a medium sized round brush. Medium round brushes are good for smoothing wave and curl out of your locks.
Style Hair Steps The back of your hair in small sections working from the mid lengths down. Do the same with the sides of your hair.
Style Hair Steps Once your hair is dry, work on the crown of your head with a comb and tease until you have an abundance of volume.
Style Hair Steps Pull your hair to one side and pin the back of your locks to secure in place.
Style Hair Steps Drape the end of your hair over your shoulder and work with a medium barreled curling iron.
Style Hair Steps After creating ringlets through your hair that remained down, pinch and piece your ends with hair wax.
Style Hair Steps Mist your hair liberally with hairspray for strong hold.



Judy Reyes Hairstyle

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