Jon Voight Hair

Jon Voight 's Style

Veteran actor Jon Voight wears his hair slicked back and sophisticated. This is a look that suit’s a man of a mature stature perfectly.

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A slicked back sophisticated hairstyle like Jon Voight’s is neat and tidy while still being different then the norm. It is not the type of hairstyle that you will see every man on the street wearing, so it gives you a chance to show off your own personality. Jon Voight’s hairstyle features enough length to be brushed back and is neatly clipped short in the back.

There is very little styling effort that has to be put in for a man to be able to wear this slicked back look. Jon Voight’s hairstyle is also an ideal way for a mature man to hide the fact that his hair is thinning. With locks combed away from the face, you are not as able to tell when a man is loosing his hair.

Combing your hair back like Jon Voight does, offers an illusion of thickness to hair that may not actually be there. This is also a great hairstyle choice if there are certain features to your face that you want to call attention to.

In Jon Voight’s case, he has piercing eyes that you can very clearly see without excess hair hindering your ability to see his features


Style Jon Voight Hair


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style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products made for your hair type

Rub a small amount of styling pomade between your palms and smooth your hands over your hair

Comb your hair back away from your forehead, also comb the sides of your hair back

Allow to dry naturally

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Jon Voight Hair
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