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Joan Crawford Vintage Hair Style History

Joan Crawford is a celebrity from the vintage Hollywood era that has had more said about her than any star at the time. Thanks in part to tell all books and even a movie about her life Crawford has been greatly scrutinized.

Through it all, Joan Crawford maintained her dignity and never for one second compromised her elegant sense of style. This is especially true when it came to her immaculate hairstyle.

With her wide set eyes, perfectly arched brows and glamorously shaped lips, Joan knew how to make the most of her already stunning features. Her medium length locks with wave were the perfect choice for this 1930’s movie queen.

Her medium length locks with wave were very similar in style to the other celebrities of that time such as Greta Garbo.

However, Joan did what every woman should do and added her own touches both to her hair and cosmetics to make her style her own.

joan crafords medium length wavy vintage hairstyleIt is more than fine to wear your hair in the current hottest hairstyle; however, not many people want to completely blend in.

Most of us like to be known as individuals. You can always achieve this by making even simple changes or variations to separate yourself from the crowd.

Joan’s medium length waves were full and luscious, her bangs swept to the side in a casual yet dramatic style that added a sophisticated element to her look while still holding on to some playfulness.

Long layers were placed strategically throughout Joan Crawford’s medium length tresses so that when treated with either pin curls or rollers, she could maximize the amount of wave in her hair.

Although a lady may have occasionally needed help fashioning the stylish medium length wavy hairstyle such as Joan wore, they were usually so well practiced at pin curls that they could generally do the job themselves.

Joan’s time in Hollywood was one of glamour. Even a simple lunch was a call for full cosmetics and carefully coiffed locks. However, there were simple subtleties that differentiated night from day.

For evening’s out, one may have noticed that Joan’s medium length waves were just slightly fluffier and her lipstick perhaps a shade darker than during the day.

The modern woman of today, if fashioning a hairstyle such as Joan"s is probably more likely to use rollers. However, there is something about pin curls that add that extra vintage touch to an era gone by. With some time and patience, you too can wear a pin curled, medium length hairstyle with waves like Joan Crawford’s.

Styling Steps- Joan Crawford's Medium Length Waves

Wash your locks and towel dry making sure the hair is still very damp but not dripping wet.

Work a large dollop of mousse or styling gel through your hair.

For the best results, work with the natural part in your hair instead of fighting against it.

When you place the pin curls in your hair, try to place the curls in precise rows allowing each curl to cover the part made by the previous curl.

Take a small section of hair and wrap the section around your finger.

Once in place against your head, place to bobby pins in a x shape over the curl.

Start by working from temple to temple and then on backwards from there.

Allow your pin curls to dry before removing.

You can opt to comb your hair for waves or to carefully untangle the pin curls and arrange them as desired for a curlier look.

Brush your bangs to the side and mist with generous amount of hairspray for hold.


Joan Crawford Hairstyles

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