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Jills Emo Hair Style

girls emo hairstylesJill, a visitor to Beauty And The Bath has submitted her Emo hairstyle pictures and some information on her style. If you would like to submit your Emo use the form at page bottom.

Basically I'm just your depressed emo girl living in this conformist world. My hair represents the way I"m feeling. Like you can just get a vibe, feel, or aura from just my hair.

It's like, it's so important, but I keep it not so flashy because I already wear so much jewelry and eyeliner already.

My Hair Is The Most Perfect Accesory Ever
It's short to medium, and I can't dye it black because of this stupid scalp cancer I have or something. I keep it slightly orange to dark brown mostly.

The most "out there" color i ever did was white, with blood-red streaks. I dyed it totally pink once. For now, my hair is dark brown, I dyed it last night.

girls eme hairstyles

And shaggy at the ends with just a few layered cuts here and there. My bangs are alot shorter than the rest, and no matter what I wear it over my eyes.

I've gotten in the habit of wearing my bangs over my left eye though.

Oh well. About four weeks ago I cut just the top layer up really short and did a little mohawk, kept my bangs over my left eye, and kept the rest down.

My main styles: I always have hair over my left eye, but I usually wear the rest down, at the side in a messy shaggy bun, or in two messy shaggy bun pigtails. I cut some places shorter sometimes and spike those out.

I'm trying to think of doing something really wild and insane crazy.





girls emo hair styles


Jills Emo Hair Style

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