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Jewelry Trend

Every year, we see a new jewelry trend become the talk of the town.

Make A Style Statement

This is because no one can ever be satisfied with only one piece of jewelry and how could they when there are so many to choose from?

You have bangles, pendants, chains, earrings, and so many more. In today's world, any jewelry trend can make a style statement when worn with confidence.

It is not the price of the jewelry that makes the difference; it is the attitude with which it is worn.

If you have jewelry with a vintage touch to it, now is the time to take it out from your jewelry box and wear it with style.

They may be bangles, or classy chains, or even those chic pendants that used to be very in at a time.

An individual piece of jewelry is not what is important, what is important is how that piece looks when you combine it with your other accessories as the overall look of the person is what makes a difference.

According to the latest trends, you can pair up cascades of pearls with metal chains and wear them both in great style, or you can pick rhinestones with ribbons combinations, or rosettes assembled with the help of beads, fabric, chains or even leather.

Metals are not in this season so avoid making them a part of your jewelry trend.

Due to the recession, people are returning back to using less precious metal for jewelry.

The jewelry trend this season is to make use of materials like ribbon, lace, rubber, leather and other such inexpensive materials that look costly. Silver metal is also a part of this year's jewelry trend.

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Updated May 4, 2012

Jeffrey Levin

The famous designer Jeffrey Levin, whose designs we have all seen on the magazine covers of Elle, Vogue, and InStyle, has come up with a new collection of jewelry known as 'wristwear', and he has made it from recycled rubber.

Now this will be great news for all those people who like to wear different materials in their jewelry.

The new trend of the year declares matching totally out of fashion. Now instead of matching, you will have to mix your jewelry with anything you like.

According to Ken Downing, it is time that everyone flaunted their personal style.

He also suggests you combine your bracelets with bangles as they make a great pair. You can also wear small earrings and compliment them with big and chunky necklaces.

Necklaces with mirrors and medallions are also in this season, so if you have one of them, it's time to wear it.

Do not ever overdo it though; if you are wearing a really loud piece of jewelry, it is important to make sure that your clothes are kept simple.

It is all about mixing and creating a fusion, but you need to accomplish this in the right manner.

The fashion director at Fifth Avenue suggests that you mix many layers of chains without worrying about their coordination as they will assort with each other perfectly.

She says that pearls can be mixed with chains or stones, or even organic beads. You can even make great pieces of jewelry yourself; all you have to do is mix!

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