Jessica Simpson Hairstyles ~ Style A Little Veronica Lake

One look at Jessica Simpson’s hairstyle is all it takes to take you back in time to when
charisma radiated from the hairstyles of Hollywood’s elite celebrities.


Jessica Simpson’s glamorous hairstyle is classic Hollywood at its finest.

This long, lush hairstyle immediately calls to mind some of the most beautiful women to ever grace the movie screen.

Jessica has captured the style that ladies such as Veronica Lake wore with perfection and brought this long, beautiful hairstyle to the fashion forefront with grace.

Jessica Simpson chose this over the shoulder, long wavy hairstyle for her attendance at The Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala.

Her long locks were touched gently with waves. Not only did this implementation of waves add that classy touch of grace to Jessica’s hairstyle; it also provided texture to her tresses.

Even though this is by far one of the more glamorous hairstyles that Jessica has ever worn, it is still a rather simplistic style. Jessica was blessed with an oval face shape meaning that she can wear basically any hairstyle that she chooses and find herself looking polished.

Luckily, if you were not blessed with an oval face, you may still be able to wear this glamorous, long and wavy look.




A Long Hairstyle For Most Face Shapes

Oblong, square, heart and diamond face shapes will also be suitable to a long and wavy hairstyle such as this one.

This hairstyle is best suited for locks that are medium to thick. You can attempt this look if your tresses are fine; it will just not look as thick and luxurious.

Due to the length of Jessica’s locks, styling time to create a long and wavy hairstyle can be extensive.

However, when you have everyone in tinsel town talking about your looks, its agreeably time well spent.

Jessica has chosen to keep her eye make-up simple and to again emulate old Hollywood glamour by focusing on her generous mouth.

An application of siren red lipstick is both complimentary to and complimented by her long, wavy hairstyle.



Styling Steps For Jessica Simpson's Long Wavy Hairstyle


List Icon Wash your locks and detangle with a wide toothcomb after toweling your tresses dry.
List Icon Rub a small amount of straightening balm between your hands and slide through your hair evenly.
List Icon Work the end of your comb back through your hair, starting at the mid point of your right eye. This will ensure you have an even right part. Create your part slightly more to the right if you wish your face to appear wider.
List Icon With a large round brush, work on drying your locks in sections. Large round brushes smooth out unwanted waves and protect your hair from damage.
List Icon Dry the back and sides of your hair under. The crown of your hair will be dried under as well working on either side of your part. You want to lift slightly at the roots to provide your hair with volume.
List Icon Curl your hair all around your head, as close to your part as possible when working on the crown with large hot rollers.
List Icon When cool, remove the rollers and arrange your waves as you wish.
List Icon Mist lightly with smoothing shine.
List IconIf desired, spritz with hairspray.

Jessica Simpson Hairstyles


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