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Adult film star Jenna Jameson is almost as famous for her long, wavy, platinum locks as she is for her roles in movies. The ends of Jenna Jameson’s hairstyle have been textured which take weight off her hairdo.

Long and medium length layers placed throughout give body and movement to her hairstyle and provide ease when it comes to styling.

Although Jenna Jameson’s hairstyle does not have an exact part, she does wear her hair to the right with a gentle touch of lift. Jenna Jameson’s hairstyle is incredibly playful, casual and simple to duplicate with a few styling tools and products.

Jenna Jameson’s platinum tresses are beautiful, however, to wear a color such as this, you must be prepared to maintain with regular trims and conditioning to keep your hair healthy







style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products made specifically for your hair type and condition. Towel dry and work out any tangles with a wide tooth comb

Work a golf ball sized amount of mousse through your damp hair distributing the product evenly with your fingers

Blow dry your hair is small sections that are easy to manage. Work with a medium sized round brush to prevent frizz. Dry the back and sides of your hair down and slightly under.

When you are drying your roots, lift while drying so your hairstyle is left with volume Direct the front of your hair towards the right or left depending on the look you want. You can choose to bend forward at the waist while drying to give yourself a tousled look if desired

When your hair is completely dry, rub a very small amount of hair wax between your finger tips and then pull your fingers gently through your hair just at the ends. For a more tousled appearance, you can work the mid-lengths to the ends in different directions

The bang at the front that is directed to the side can also be pinched and pieced with wax starting at the mid-lengths and continuing until you have reached the ends of your hair For extra special events, you can carefully back comb your hair through the crown to offer additional volume and tousle

Once you have your hair styled the way you want it, you can rub a dime sized amount of smoothing shine between your palms and then smooth your hands over your hair. Avoid your roots as this product can cause your hairdo to fall flat Mist liberally with a medium hold hairspray


Jenna Jameson Hairstyles

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