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Jay Manuels Hairstyles, Clean And Sharp

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Getting Jay Manuel's Hair

Whether you have a taste for fun and interesting hairstyles or you are simply in a place where you want to make sure that you are going to stand out from the crowd, you may want to check out Jay Manuel's stylish and edgy hairstyle.

jay manuel hairJay Manuel is a Canadian makeup artist and photo director, and with all of the recent raves he's gotten, its no wonder that people are curious about his look.

With the striking silver color and the hard to miss spikes, it is clear that Jay Manuels hairstyles have no problem getting attention, but how can you mimic that look? The truth is, it's not something that you want to undertake lightly, but it can be done.

The most noticeable thing about Jay Manuels hairstyles and hair cut is the color. It's a steely silver gray and this is a tough color to get. Whether you go to a salon or you take a stab at it at home, you are going to find that it begins with bleaching.

lf you have pale hair, this will be fairly straightforward, but if you have dark hair, this is going to be a fairly intense process. You are going to need to get your hair as light as it will go, hopefully down to a very very pale yellow or even a white. Once again, if you have very dark hair, this can be pretty difficult to do.

After you have your hair as white as you can get it, you will find that the next step is going to involve giving it that rich silver sheen. Stay away from the spray-on silver color; not only will this give your hair a flat and grimy look, it's far from permanent!

Some people find that they get good results by doing a very temporary dye job of blue or purple to get the silver sheen, or even of black, but this is fairly risky. Keep in mind that you know your body and your hair best, so think about what might work for you.

After you have bleached your hair to this extent, remember that you have stripped all of the protein from it; you are going to need to revitalize it to make it look like hair again!

Take a look at a very good conditioner. If you want to go a more natural method, get some room temperature coconut oil and comb a generous portion through your hair. Let it sit for a few hours, or even a full day before rinsing it off. This can help prevent your hair from shattering or breaking off.

Jay Manuel's Short Spiked Haircut

To get Jay Manuels hairstyles and signature cut, you will start with using clippers to mow down the hair on the back and sides, combing these areas back as you do so. Then the top layer is going to need to be layered, and this is something that you are going to want to get a good hairdresser to handle.

After this comes a fair amount of hair gel and the use of a fine-toothed comb to get the spikes. Remember that the shorter the spikes, the less work you have to do to get them up.

When you are considering what you need to do to get a great hairstyle, remember that it doesn't come without a cost. If you are all for doing what it takes to get this style, move forward and don't think about taking half-measures!

Jay Manuels Hairstyles

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