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Jaw Length Hairstyle

Before And After Jaw Length Hairstyle

A jaw length hairstyle can be so flattering to girls with a strong jaw line. A strong jaw is very attractive to look at on men, but this characteristic does not have the same effect if you see that the angular jaw belongs to a woman.

Although much has changed in the past few centuries and women stand toe-to-toe with men, the standards of feminine beauty still remain: delicate features, slim figures, and an aura of total innocence and purity. These standards don't actually say anything bad about having a strong jaw line, but it is society's mere view that a man's positive attribute does not have the same impact as when a woman has it.

The featured model shows that she has a very interesting face: blue eyes, clear complexion, and a very accommodating smile. However, her previous hairstyle did not flatter her face at all, because it did not help hide the strong jaw that she has. In fact, the long layered hairstyle worsened the look by emphasizing her big-boned jaw.

A stylist saw how the interesting face was shrouded by the not-so feminine attribute, and how the hair did not help the situation at all. The stylist then came up with a jaw length hairstyle that would flatter the facial features of the model while diverting the attention away from the angular jaw line. The Jaw-Length new 'do was very successful in hiding this unappreciated attribute from view. The change is dramatic because the new look of the model is a far-cry from the big-boned, boyish look she had before. If you want to get the same feminine and delicate look, read on to know about the style steps you should follow:

style steps jaw length hairstyle

  • Thoroughly shampoo your hair and towel dry to encourage more effective hair coloring.
  • To make the model appear to have a “lighter” face, her hair was colored from brown to tawny gold. For ladies who think that their hair color suits them nicely, you can easily skip this step. However, even hair color highlights are advised (if you don’t want to change your hair color) so the feel of a total makeover will be more apparent.
  • To bring more focus to the eyes, the new, tawny gold locks sport new bangs. The bangs were cut just above the eyebrows to lead people to appreciate the model’s lovely eyes.
  • Instead of a long mane, the hair was cut to jaw length to address the problem of the model having a big jaw. A single-length cut was made for a simple and neat look. However, you may choose to sport layers instead.
  • Set the bangs to one side by using hairbrush and a blow-dryer. After the desired volume is achieved, fix it with hair spray.
  • You may do the same to the main section of hair, although the model left her new hair style as free-flowing. If you prefer to do this, add some hair shine to your locks to add to the bouncy image.

To keep this look, you need to trim your hair at least once a month so the bangs will not grow too long. You should also prevent too much growth of the hair because it can cause the jaw line to look prominent again.
Enjoy trying a jaw length hairstyle

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Updated December 1, 2011

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