Janet Jackson Hairstyles, Try Janet's Sexy, Tousled Hairstyle

When you are part of what is probably the most famous family in America, how do you set yourself apart from the crowd? Janet Jackson seems to have discovered that answer; with a first rate sense of hairstyle.

For this particular occasion, Janet Jackson has opted to wear her locks in a sexy, tousled hairstyle. Her sleek, glossy tresses positively glisten with shimmering glory in this uninhibited, wild look.

Like so many other women, Janet Jackson has discovered the beauty of layers.

Layers of any length are such a tremendous addition to a hairstyle.

You can revamp up your tired old hairstyle in minutes by having your stylist cut in some layers.

Janet however takes this hairstyling ‘secret’ one step further. For her sexy, tousled hairstyle, your average layers simply will just not do, after all, Janet needs to stand apart not blend in.

janet jackson half up long hairstyleInstead, Janet Jackson’s beautician has cut in long, jagged layers throughout her hair so she is provided with movement; versatility all blended with a delightfully funky element.

If you are not partial to very noticeable highlights, you can decide to work with some that are only a shade or so lighter than your base color. There is not a hair rule that says highlights have to contrast greatly with your overall hair color.

Janet Jackson’s sexy, tousled hairstyle is made that much more special by highlights that are so subtle, they are practically un-noticeable. However, that does not mean that they do not add an extra element to her hairstyle that is fabulous.

These highlights provide Janet Jackson’s hair with a gentle amount of shine and depth that really could not otherwise be obtained.

Even though Janet Jackson looks like she spent hours in the chair of a top Hollywood stylist, her wild and sexy hairstyle is very easy to form at home.

Oval, oblong, square, diamond and triangular face shapes will be set off perfectly with a sexy, tousled hairstyle like Janet Jackson’s. Although meant mostly for locks that are medium or thick, you can still wear this with a little extra work if your tresses are fine.


Styling Steps - Janet Jackson Hairstyle

janet jackson side view half up hairstyleStyle Hair Steps Wash your hair with the proper products for your hair type.
Style Hair Steps Towel dry and remove all tangles carefully with a wide toothcomb.
Style Hair Steps Use your fingers to work a palm-sized amount of sculpture lotion to your damp locks.
Style Hair Steps Attach a diffuser to your blow dryer and scrunch your hair with your hands while drying. Use your fingers to lift your hair at the roots while drying to offer a maximum amount of volume. Stop before your hair is fully dry, this will help to keep your tresses moisturized and frizz free.
Style Hair Steps You can stop here, or you can opt to gather a portion of your hair in the back and clip your locks up in a half up, half down wild and tousled look.
Style Hair Steps Use a molding cream applied with your fingers to place the pieces of your hair where you wish them to lay. You can use some of the product on your ends to direct them where you want them to go. This goes for your bangs if you have them as well.
Style Hair Steps Mist with a liberal amount of medium hold hairspray.


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