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A variety of different treatments are available for those who suffer from poor circulation to their feet. Treatments vary from surgery to the use of various drugs.

While there are drugs that actually dilate the vessels for better circulation, today viscosity reducing drugs are more popular. This type of a drug helps to make the blood thinner and less sticky so that it flows better through the arteries and veins.

In some cases, surgery is needed to help open up an artery that is almost totally closed.

Many people end up dealing with varicose veins in their feet and legs. This occurs when the veins actually have valves that break or become weak, which allows blood to collect in the vein instead of being carried back to the heart as it should.

Treatments For Poor Blood Circulation

There is a special chemical that can be injected into the veins to help with this problem. This type of treatment is called sclerotherapy. The chemical actually closes the bad vein, which forces other veins that are stronger to carry the blood back to the heart.

Treatments For Poor Blood Circulation

Another type of treatment that is often used is angioplasty. This is a treatment that involves a balloon that is used to clear out vessels that are blocked or severely narrowed. In some cases, a stent may actually be placed inside of the artery in order to keep the artery open. Many times angioplasty and a stent will be used together for the best treatment options.

A stent is a tube made of wire mesh, and it is inserted while still collapsed and then later expanded by the balloon that is inflated. Then the balloon can be removed and then stent will continue to keep the artery open as it should be. Depending on the type of blockage, the size of the artery with the problem, and the condition of the artery, stents can be a great choice of treatment, in fact 7-90% of treatments for poor circulation include stents.

There are a variety of other treatments for poor circulation as well that are not as invasive as sclerotherapy and angioplasty. One treatment requires that you rest periodically with your legs elevated and your feet raised to a level so they are above your hips.

Treatments For Poor Blood Circulation
Compresson Stockings
Elasticized compression stockings are another treatment that is commonly used for poor circulation as well. If you are overweight, one of the simplest things you can do to treat your problem is to lose some weight.

Obesity can make poor circulation even worse, so just losing a few pounds is a very effective and non-invasive type of treatment.

Depending on the severity of your circulation problem, your doctor can help you come up with the best treatment options for you. In some cases just purchasing some special care items for your feet can help; however, it is important to get feedback from your doctor to make sure that your problem does not require further medical attention.
Treatments For Poor Blood Circulation


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