Illness Or Cut?

4 yeearold cts her own long hair

Here I am giving my 4-year old a bath with her baby brother and her 6-year old sister when I notice clumps of her beautiful long hair coming out in the bath water. I asked her if brother had pulled it. No. Did she feel any pain when hair came out? No.

Did she feel sick? No. I brushed her hair and more clumps came out. I started to worry. We are a blessed family of two boys and two girls. All of them are healthy… until now?

I told her if her hair was coming out we would maybe have to go to the doctor. She said OK. I called my oldest son upstairs to the bath and asked him to bring my smart phone so I could look up causes of hair loss in young kids.

I had tears in my eyes as he handed me the phone. He asked why I was upset and as I explained the nine year old boy thought of something his panic-stricken thirty plus mother did not: "I bet she cut it." I continued to bathe the girls when my son returns to the bathroom triumphantly holding a pair of scissors in his hands.

My four-year old denies the cutting. I tell her I am calling Santa to check on her story. She continues to deny the story but is starting to cry. I tell her we will package up the hair and scissors to take over to the police to analyze them. She starts to really cry and cracks. She admits her hair-styling aspirations.

Illness Or Cut?
One more interesting note...The one who solved the case has a huge chunk of his bangs gone. I guess the saying it takes one to know one holds true.

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