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I Look Younger

But I look younger when I dress young! No, You Don't

How NOT To Look Younger:

Are you aging gracefully or do you feel as if the hands of time are pounding on your self esteem?

Many women when they reach 40 or 50 try a wide variety of fashion and beauty changes to recapture that sense of youthfulness and to think I look younger.

Unfortunately, not all those transformations are successful and some are down-right disastrous. Let's review some of the most common fashion and beauty mistakes mature women make trying to look young. (specifically so you can avoid them!)

The I Look Younger Mistakes

Mistake 1 - Eye Makeup Overload: Women over forty sometimes apply too much eye makeup hoping that the excess will cover wrinkles. Truthfully, however, this only emphasizes the aging signs.

Remedy: Think less is more. There is nothing wrong with being 40, 50 or more. There is a unique beauty that comes with age. Instead of covering up with more makeup embark on a good skin treatment program instead to nourish the skin you’re in!

Mistake 2 – Foundation by the Gallon: Similar to eye makeup, if you pile on the foundation it’s a sure-fire culprit in how NOT to look younger. Foundation gathers in the fine lines of your face and actually reveals them even more.

Remedy – Keep your foundation colors close to your natural skin, or just slightly lighter so that your face glows and doesn’t look caked-on.

Mistake 3 – Not moisturizing. As we mature our skin looses moisture more readily leading to wrinkles, dryness, laugh lines etc.

Remedy – Do your research and find the right skin moisturizer for your skin type. Moisturizers are not created equal and more expensive may not mean "better” here.

Mistake 4 – Using the wrong lipstick or too much lip liner. Your skin’s color changes over the years. You shouldn’t be grabbing the same lipstick you wore 20 years ago. Additionally if you have a lot of wrinkles around your mouth, lip liners highlight those.

Remedy – Consider using a clear lip gloss if you want your lips to shine. Lip liner should never be darker than your lips’ natural color.

older woman beauty and fashion mistakesMistake 5 – Bushy eyebrows: For some reason older women seem to forget about eyebrow care.

No matter how beautifully you apply makeup, bushy eyebrows can ruin the whole impact.

Remedy: Keep these well-maintained and use eye pencil to bring out your eyes.

Mistake 6 – Under hydrating. Water is very important to your on-going health and wellbeing.

Remedy: Remember to drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day to keep your system running smoothly (note that this affects the way your skin looks!).

Mistake 7 – Fashion Statement says, "I need help, not I look younger ” Maybe you’ve begun to wear "old clothes” (you know the ones that all have elastic waists above the navel). Or, worse, you’ve started grabbing the latest hip fashions hoping to look younger.

Remedy – Go to stores that have clothing that’s sharp, but intended for mature women. You don’t have to wear a gunny sack, but you also don’t have to dress young to feel and look young.

Mistake 8 – Giving up on diets and exercise. There are moments as we get older that it seems silly to continue watching those calories and working out. Perhaps you’ve just plain given up on feeling sexy.

This is one of the worst mistakes in the "how not to look younger” handbook. Good exercise and nutrition are doubly important to looking and feeling your best and being able to say, I look younger.

Remedy – Find an exercise you enjoy. That makes it easier to keep it as part of your routine. Also eat sensibly, remembering that your metabolism isn’t what it used to be.

Last but not least ........
Do not buy into the mindset that a youthful appearance is everything. What's most important is being comfortable in your skin, and having that sense of self confidence that comes with experience.

You don't have to be all things to all people – make yourself happy and that smile automatically makes you look years younger.

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Updated February 23, 2012

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