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Hydro Spa

hydro spa

A hydrotherapy treatment combines the use of warm and cold water to invigorate, restore and relax the body and perhaps it would be correct to say that a ‘hydro spa’ is another term for the facilities needed to enjoy this type of therapy.

These water treatments are without doubt hugely popular and are found in a majority of the larger luxury spas, whether day spas, hotel spas or retreats.

However, modern jargon has captured the expression ‘hydro spa’ and used it to describe hot tubs, Jacuzzis (in fact a trade name), hydrotherapy pools, hydro massage baths, whirlpool tubs and many other similar titles.

Hydro Spas

In essence these are a tub or pool, large enough to seat one or more people.

Filled with warm, often mineral or aromatherapy rich water, pulsating streams of water are pumped from multiple jets located along the sides and base of the tub.

Aimed at key body areas these pressured jets gently massage aching or tense muscles whilst the user relaxes in the warm ambience of the pool.

There are many variations on the theme. Some incorporate mood lighting that helps to further relax the user, whilst others incorporate a waterfalls or similar features and water jet loungers for an all-over hydrotherapy massage.

Hippocrates, A Spa Fan

The ancient Greek philosopher, Hippocrates, said to be the father of medicine, was the first to extol the virtues of the hydro pool.

He believed that warming baths and cold water plunges were an effective way of maintaining fitness.

Today hydro spas are recognized as being effective in providing relief from the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

They are also widely used to assist in the recovery of sporting related injuries as well as providing therapeutic relaxation and rejuvenating relief for stress and general fatigue.

Hydrotherapy Is Fabulous

So How Does Hydrotherapy Work?

A warming bath with waters of around 35 to 40 degrees centigrade is ideal for relaxing in.

It will increase blood circulation, encourage cell renewal, relieve tender areas and help eliminate toxins from the body through perspiration and lymphatic drainage.

After unwinding in the warm, massaging waters of the hydrotherapy pool, take a deep breath and go for a cold water therapy.

These usually incorporate temperatures of between 10 and 21 degrees centigrade, and are designed to rejuvenate and energize the body.

The cold water increases both pulse and metabolic rates and will not only stimulate the body but mind as well.

Hydro spas are readily available from any number of suppliers and can easily be installed in your sun room or garden, but if you don’t have the space, time or finances to purchase your own then a trip to a spa destination is a great way of sampling their delights.

Naples Beach Hotel

Take for instance the chic spa at the luxurious Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club in Florida.

Here you can enjoy their hydrotherapy spa bath where aromatherapy oils and sea minerals are added to the water.

A 20 minute complete body massage from the multiple water jets will leave you feeling both relaxed and invigorated.

Whilst you’re there you might also try another water therapy. Their Vichy Shower is a wonderfully stimulating experience, generating an effect not dissimilar to a rain forest.

Across the country in Los Angeles, Le Petit Retreat day spa has a wonderful range of hydrotherapy bath options for individuals and couples.

Their exclusive copper tub which is the only one in the city, is exactly the right place to enjoy an "Aqua Latte and Floral Medley”, where milk and honey fuse with lavender, rose and sage essential oils to generate a hydrating and relaxing treatment.

Whether you are a subscriber to ancient Greek philosophies, or simply looking for a refreshing, pampering experience, hydro spas would seem to have something to appeal to everyone.

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Hydro Spa
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