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Hunters Long Hair For Boys

I call him "my little Samson”

My name is Belle and I am a single mother of two very wonderful special needs children ages 5 and 6. We all have long hair in our family, and my son always gets mistaken for a girl but he refuses to have it cut. He has thick, blonde waves that make most women envious.

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hunter boys long hairHunter has severe non-verbal autism and prader-willi syndrome. My son cannot speak, but his eyes and hair express all his warmth and personality.

I hope you like his photo. He is really an amazing little guy and a wonderful poster child for long, thick, curly hair.

Just wanted to share because we are always amazed at how vocal and negative some people can be about his long locks.

As far as I am concerned, he has enough challenges in his life and if he likes his hair cascading down, as long as it is clean and brushed, I would not discourage him.

We never cease to be amazed at how people comment about my son’s waist-length, golden locks. Some total strangers will absolutely rave about his long, beautiful hair, while others voice negative opinions, or crack jokes about taking scissors to it.


Even Grandma telephones us long-distance periodically to inquire when I plan to cut his hair short like a "real boy” since he is getting older.

Hunter's Long Hairstyle Gallery


boys long ponytail
boys long hairstyle one length
boys long braided ponytail
2008 With Ponytail All One Length
2008 Finally All One Length
Christmas 2008 In A Braid
side view boys long hair
boys hair growing out layers
boys long layers
2008 Side View All One Length
2007 Layers Growing Out
2008 Long Layers Only In Front

Styling And Care

He prefers his hair cascading down, but frequently wears it in a pony tail or a single braid. His hair is gently shampooed, conditioned and air-dried twice a week. After he is shampooed, I always finish combing out his wet hair with VO5 Detangle & Shine Restoring Daily Leave-In Conditioner.

I never use styling gels because they have drying alcohols. I use the detangler every time I comb and brush his dry hair, too. First, I gently comb out tangles from the ends of his hair up towards his scalp using a wide-toothed comb.

Next, I brush him with a boar-bristle Mason Pearson brush to help distribute his natural oils. His mane is brushed 2-3 times a day and we look forward to this activity as a special bonding time together.

I never blow-dry his hair and trim his ends ever-so-slightly about every 6-8 weeks. It took about two years to cut all the long layers out of his hair and it is now one length. This single length works well for him since his hair is extremely thick and it weighs the curls down to a nice wave. It also gives him a beautiful braid without any uneven, little pieces sticking out. I only use thick hair holders without metal clasps for his pony-tails to minimize breakage.

My son is really an amazing little guy and a wonderful poster child for long, thick, curly hair. He conquers daily challenges with a positive attitude, courage and joy. He rarely gets frustrated with his special needs and he has inspired me to be a braver, stronger mother. We are all blessed by his perseverance and sweet, mellow personality.

My son’s blonde curls are his identity, security and comfort. I call him "my little Samson”, and his long hair actually does seem to give him Biblical strength! I would never discourage him from continuing to grow his beautiful hair as long as he enjoys it and keeps it well-groomed. I hope you enjoy his page. Thanks for sharing our story and I hope others are encouraged. Don’t crumble under social pressures if your boy loves long, beautiful locks.

Let it grow!


Hunters Long Hair For Boys

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