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Hugh Jackman Hair Style

Hugh Jackman Hair

Hugh Jackman is a guy who seems to have it all- a fantastic career, a beautiful family, and terrific hair.

hugh jackman hair style

You do not have to be an A list celebrity to sport Hugh Jackman’s hairstyle with confidence and ease.

All it takes is a visit to your salon and a few minutes of styling to reap the rewards of wearing your own version of this Hugh Jackman hair style.

Hugh Jackman’s hair style has been snipped with layers that are short and angled through the sides and the back. This leaves Hugh with a look that is textured and artfully tousled.

A cut like this proves to be very flexible as you can play the mess factor up when you are feeling casual or tone it down if the situation calls for a more sedate style.

The top of Hugh Jackman’s hair style has been left with a touch more length, however, it has been thinned out so that there is not an abundance of excess hair to weigh his style down.

By texturizing and removing some of the hair through the crown, it also enables you to give your finished look some additional volume that may not otherwise be possible.
Enjoy, this Hugh Jackman hair style





style steps

Wash your hair with products that are made to compliment your hair type

Use your fingers to work a golf ball sized dollop of styling mousse or a bit of styling gel through your damp hair

If desired, you can take a vented brush and blow-dry the front of your hair upward

When your hair is dry, apply hair wax or styling pomade to your fingertips and pull them through the front of your hair aiming upward for height

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hugh jackman hair

Hugh Jackman Hair Style

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