How To Style A Bob 2 Ways

How to style a bob for a whole new look. So update and refresh your bob to be fashion forward.

The Styles Front And Back

Styling A Short Stacked Inverted Bob

The Inverted bob is perfect for women with finer hair as the cut provides a lot of body. 

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Heavier hair needs to start off with a more moisture intense conditioner, mentioned is Crème de Coco conditioner from Bumble to add weight and help protect the hair cuticles.

The blow drying begins with Silicones which prevents heat damage to hair cuticles. Your most important product is a finishing product, try Nox Sculpt from Kerastults which adds shine and helps with piecing and texture of the bob. Sumo Tech which is appropriate for fine or thick hair, just use less for finer hair applying only on the ends and more on thicker hair.

How To Blow Dry A Bob

The model has fine to medium hair with a slight curl at the ends. A little curl is no problem as it will get smoothed out during the blow dry. More height is added at the crown area and at the sides, apply a thickening product if needed, the more you use the stronger the hold, but your goal is not to produce a hard helmet head. Apply the product to the root and not to the ends of hair.

Any silicone based product works, Jeremey uses DeFrizz from Bumble and Bumble a it is on the lighter side, start at the back of your hair which is very important with Silicone products or you will get big grease drips. Use your fingers to spread and you are ready to blow dry.

Blow Drying Coarse Or Very Curly Hair

For women with course hair try this trick to knock that curl out without the flat iron. Blow dry backwards and forwards No sectioning tools are needed for this.

All the hair will be pushed dry forward all around the head with the blow dryer down here it needs to be flatter and up when we want more volume Again back and forward motion gets rid of curls.

How To Flat Iron A Bob

Back View Of Smooth Bob

Use your flat iron and comb to create this bob in a snap. Be careful using a hot flat iron, not to touch with fingers and do not come close to the frame of your face.

Hair must be completely dry when using a flat iron and never let the iron remain on the hair in one spot, there should always be movement or you can fry your hair.

Take a little piece of hair working in small sections and pull the flat iron towards the frame of your face. Watch how Jeremey does not bring the flat iron straight down but creates a slight curve, not to big but just enough.

See how to iron the back section underneath the occipital bone, this is where the bob shape is in this look.

When you use the flat iron make sure to start at the mid shaft then go down, you don't want to lose any of the height or volume you created from the blow drying process.

How To Style A Bob ~ Smooth, Sleek, And Straight

Style A Smooth Straight Bob

The important styling elements here are texture and piecing. A product to try, Bumble And Bumbles Brilliantine, this is an oil based product making it perfect for piecing and to"create a sexy slept in look"

This bob needs movement so use a light wax such as Bumble And Bumble's DeFrizz Silicone Wax. Always emulsify these types of products by rubbing and warming between your hands then applying to your hair.

Start to apply at the back of your hair working towards the front, Jeremy shows you how to piece out the sides, back, and to add more piecing in the rounded shape of the bob.

 Style Sexy And Loose

Style Your Bob Sexy And Loose

This trendy bob is just made for casual days! Use a pliable light weight wax such as Sumo Tech,again emulsify before applying. Use your fingers for not too serious styling and to create a sexy messy texture. This bob style also turns soccer moms by day into sexy divas for night! 

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