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How To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Part Two

hair removalThere is a wide range of ways that women who suffer from unwanted body hair can remove this problem at home. Salon visits can quickly become very expensive and are really not necessary with all of the at home hair removal methods available today.

Waxing is a well-used method for many women on their quest to rid themselves of unwanted hair. Waxing is not for those who seem to have very little pain tolerance, as it is a somewhat painful experience.

There are ways however to minimize the discomfort felt by waxing. For starters, always make sure that your skin is very clean and dry as well as free of all lotions or creams. Make certain that you apply the wax in the same direction that your hair grows and use the appropriate amount of wax for the type of hair that you have. It is also essential that your hair is the right length for waxing.

How To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Part Two

If your unwanted body hair is any less than an eighth of an inch long you will have to wait until it has grown a little. Waxing typically lasts for at least a month and at times even longer.


Bleaching although not a hair removal method is still a popular choice for disguising unwanted body hair. Bleach works to lighten your hair so that it is not as easy to see. If you opt to bleach your hair at home, only use bleach that is meant for body hair.
Generally bleach is used on the hair of the upper lip. It can however be used on some other parts of the body. Bleach does tend to irritate your skin quite easily so always test the product on a hidden area on your body first.
Be aware that if you have naturally dark or very tanned skin, bleaching can actually make your hair stand out even more. You will need to bleach your hair about every two or three weeks.
You can remove fine, unwanted hair from your body by rubbing your skin with pumice stones or hair removal gloves that are abrasive. You will want to rub the material in a circular motion over the area where the hair is to be removed from. Never press too hard or you run the risk of hurting your skin although you are still apt to notice some irritation on your skin. You should notice the area remaining free from hair for about three or more weeks.


Epilating, is a form of removing hair from beneath the surface of the skin. Epilating can include waxing, electrolysis and laser treatments. It is not usually a productive method to attempt doing electrolysis at home. If you do visit a professional however, it can permanently remove unwanted hair.
If you do opt to do your own electrolysis, always read the product instructions thoroughly. Only use equipment that has a blunt needle that is placed along your hair follicle. Before doing the electrolysis, wax or use a depilatory on the location. Once the hair starts to grow back you can then do the electrolysis. You will see better results this way because hair tends to react better to this method of hair removal when it is in the growing cycle.
You can get a dangerous infection from electrolysis if your equipment is not sterilized and very sanitary. Never work on an area bigger than a square inch at any given time. You are bound to notice some swelling of your skin as well. You will have to expect to redo the area on a monthly basis, as the home electrolysis method is not

No matter which type of home hair removal that you choose always read and follow all instructions very carefully.


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How To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Part Two

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