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How To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Part One

So many women face the hassle of having extra body hair on places that hair is not exactly welcome.

Unfortunately, professional hair removal can be very costly leaving these women unsure of how to take care of this problem.

Thankfully, there are numerous different methods for removing hair right in the comfort of their own home that women can use. Techniques such as shaving, tweezing or using depilatories do not cost a lot of money and are simple to put into practice.

If like many ladies, you opt to shave for your hair removal method of choice, always opt for razors that are designed specifically for women. These razors are shaped in such a way that they are ideal for a woman’s grip. They are also angled to provide a lady with the exact type of shave that she is looking for.

How To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Part One - Shaving

If you are shaving your legs or under your arms, you should hold the blade at a right angle. Before shaving, wet your legs and under arms with warm water and gently rub shaving gel or cream onto the area.
Whenever possible, do your shaving at night because your body fluids will not be as firmly packed around the follicles of your hair. The bikini area is very delicate and should always be shaved with care. You can also rest assured that if you shave your upper lip, the hair really will not grow back thicker.
Typically, most women find that they will need to shave their under arms about twice a week. Of course, this really does depend on how quickly your hair grows back. The same is true for your legs although they often only need to be shaved once each week.
Unwanted hair can be annoying and even at times embarrassing. Removal of unwanted hair can become rather expensive if you opt to visit a salon to have the procedure taken care of. For this reason, there are numerous women who decide to take care of their unwanted hair at home.

How To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Part One Tweezing

One of the main at home hair removal methods is tweezing. It is important that you make sure your tweezers are always clean. Before you begin tweezing, give your tweezers a cleaning with hot water and or alcohol.
You can use your tweezers to provide your eyebrows with shape or even to take away hair on your face or chin if desired. Avoid tweezing any of the hairs inside of your nose as that is often a surefire way to get an infection. When you are tweezing, always work in the same direction that your hair grows. It is always easier to tweeze when your pores are open, so cover the area to be tweezed with a hot cloth before starting.
Avoid using any creams or other products on the area directly before tweezing. These products can result in your pores become blocked and or infected. Not to mention the fact that a cream will leave your skin slippery. The area that you tweezed with generally remains free of hair for approximately two or more weeks.


Other people prefer to use depilatories to get rid of any unwanted hair at home. Always test a small dab of the product on the area you will be removing hair from. Follow all of the instructions available with the product and allow twenty-four hours to pass to see if you have a reaction before you completely remove the hair from this location.
After a bath, you will find your pores open and your hair soft, so this is a good time to use your depilatory. Make sure you have a timer close by so that you do not allow the product to stay on your skin for too long. If your skin has rashes, cuts, and acne or bug bites in the area that you wish to remove hair from, it is best to put it off for another time.
Depilatories are generally used a couple of times each month. This will of course depend though on how quickly your hair tends to grow back after removal.


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How To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home Part One

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