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mortar and pestle mineral makeupMineral makeup has taken the beauty and cosmetics market by storm over the last 30 years with a professed group of manufacturers and followers that claim the benefits and advantages of mineral makeup over traditional forms.

One can be swept away with all of the statements of pure, 100% natural and non-allergenic products that are demanded and even required for some skin types.

No matter what your knowledge base is for wanting mineral makeup, you are sure to be pleased with the results of this popular type of makeup.

Once you have explored the possibility of giving your skin the chance to breathe while not clogging your pores and providing a necessary barrier to pollutants in the air around you each and every day; you are sure to see the benefits and results that only natural minerals can provide your skin.

For some people, knowing what you use for your skin and body is essential when purchasing products such as soaps, oils and makeup.

Without enough information about the product you are using, adverse affects can appear.

Skin conditions, blocked or stretched pores or even allergic reactions can be the result of products containing ingredients that harm your skin that you may not have knowledge about previous to purchasing them. The option to make your own mineral makeup is a route that many people will choose when they want to be sure they know exactly what is going into the products that they use.

How To Make Mineral Makeup ~ Customized Cosmetics

When you make the decision to make your own mineral makeup, you may find that it is more cost effective than going outside your home to purchase it from a retailer or individual vendor.

There may not be a color line that you are fond of, or that matches your individualized skin tone and by making your own makeup, you can match yourself perfectly. For these reasons, many will make the choice to learn the basics of creating their very own mineral makeup.

Whether you have tried making your own makeup in the past or have decided to try something new, making your very own mineral makeup is not impossible.

If you are unsure of your skill level in trying out this art form, there are classes available depending on where you reside on how to create mineral makeup and even to apply it.

For those who are unable to attend a class, there is a wealth of information online through Internet websites to direct you specifically how to obtain the materials and tools needed as well as the steps to take in order to completely make your own mineral makeup right at home.

How To Make Mineral Makeup ~ Kits

The easiest way to make your own mineral makeup is to purchase a pre-packaged kit and follow the instructions included with the supplies. There are a number of places to obtain the materials needed to either make your own makeup or to create makeup in order to start your very own mineral makeup line yourself.

There are a variety of these pre-packaged kits that range in size and price depending on what is included and how much makeup it will produce.

If you are unsure about starting the process of creating your own mineral makeup, it is advisable to purchase a small kit in order to become familiar with the process of making mineral makeup of your own instead of obtaining a large kit only to find that it is not what you intended and you will not pursue it further.

Ingredients for making homemade mineral makeup are quite similar, but can vary depending on shade or the type of makeup that you will be producing. You will also want to be sure that all the tools necessary for making mineral makeup is included in your kit if you have not performed this task before and do not have any tools.

For those who have had the opportunity to make mineral makeup before or have taken an instruction class, tools may have been provided or you may have borrowed them from someone you know who already makes their own makeup.

How To Make Mineral Makeup ~ Ingredients And Tools

Before you get started on the road to making your very own mineral makeup you will want to have all of your ingredients and tools within reach to avoid looking for them at a later time.

Be sure to have an adequate amount of sifter jars, storage jars, brushes for applications such as eye shadows, eyeliners or foundation and blush, and of course a scale and an extra high filtration face mask to work with.

Having a good base ingredient list is essential when starting to blend your colors for your mineral makeup. Using yellow and brown oxide powders are mandatory when beginning your creation and you can add other colors as needed later on such as Pearl Green Mica or Red Mica powder. Depending on how general or specific you wish your colors to be will depict how much of a variety you want your supplies to be.

There are a number of mineral makeup recipes that you can find in order to help you make your own makeup, typically there is a set number of steps that you need to follow in order for the minerals to be mixed correctly without clumps and will be easy to apply at a later time.

During the first phase of creating your mineral makeup, you will want to blend your main ingredients together such as micronized titanium dioxide, bitsmuth oxychloride, yellow, brown or even red iron oxides and magnesium stearate.

Using a mortar and pestle, these main ingredients need to be blended well before adding the second phase to the mixture. Once this is blended completely, you can add the second phase of your recipe including ingredients of Jojoba oil, vitamin E or any other essential oil.

You will need to make sure that this mixture is blended until completely homogenous for uniformity. The last step of creating your mineral makeup will be to add the matte finish ingredient such as Sericite Mica to the mixture and your process is complete.

If you wish to change the tone of the colors you have created, you can easily adjust the tint by adding a little more of any of the iron oxides. If it is a lighter overall shade that you are looking for, you will need to add more titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or sericite mica.

If you are planning on making mineral makeup on a regular basis you will want to keep track of any changes or adding ingredients in order to duplicate the same results at a later time.

With just a little ingenuity, available resources and an abundance of supplies, making your very own mineral makeup is not as hard as you may have originally thought. Make the process fun, invite your friends to help and you can all enjoy the benefits of mineral makeup together.


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