How To Dress Artsy And Update Your Look And Style

Here are 4 ways on how to dress artsy if you tired of living within the confines of the mainstream fashion world. Does it seem as if fashion has become somewhat "cookie cutter”? The fashion magazines tout the latest styles and designs and everyone is encouraged to jump on board to be in style.

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Break out of your tired shopping patterns by adding some artsy clothing and unique fashion jewelry to your wardrobe and learn how to dress artsy and update any outfit in minutes.

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Are You In A Fashion Rut ?

Does it seem as if fashion has become somewhat "cookie cutter”? The fashion magazines tout the latest styles and designs and everyone is encouraged to jump on board to be in style.

Of course this means buying a whole new wardrobe which was the original intent in the first place. One way to avoid this approach is to define your own style and not be subject to the changing whims of the fashion industry.

If you’re a colorful, creative person, one way to express your unique style is with artsy clothing. Dressing in an artsy style shows your individualism and sets you apart from the fashion fixated public. It is also a great way to update your look and style without going overboard. Here are 4 ways to wear artsy clothing with flair.

1. Change Where You Shop

Try New Stores

It’s difficult to dress artsy if you only shop at generic department stores. These stores follow the dictates of the fashion industry and stock up on what they believe the general public wants to buy.

When you visit these stores, it’s remarkable how everything looks the same. Step out of your usual shopping patterns and head down to your local thrift store. Keep an open mind before you dismiss the fashions there.

With some searching you can find pieces with genuine artistic flair. Look for bold and interesting patterns, unusual interplays of color and unique styles. Forget designer names and what’s "in fashion”.

You’re establishing your own fashion. One word of caution, if you want to dress artsy and still be tasteful, choose one piece of artsy clothing to be the focus of your outfit. Wearing too many artsy pieces at once can be overwhelming.

2. Dress Vintage, Yes Vintage

If you have vintage clothing stores in your area, you’re in luck. These are an incredible resource for artsy clothing. Look for such interesting pieces as lace caps from the 1920’s, sun dresses from the 1950’s, beaded sandals from the 1950’s, and boudoir slippers from the early 1900’s.

You won’t see people wearing these pieces to the grocery store. Don’t forget about gorgeous vintage accessories such as hat pins and art deco jewelry.

3. Wear Handmade Clothing Created By Artisans

You can find handmade artsy clothing at some of the higher end craft shows in larger cities. Artsy clothes that are hand painted or hand woven really stand out from the mass produced items seen in most department stores.

What better way to dress artsy than to buy directly from the artisan? Plus, it feels good to wear a one-of-kind piece and know you’re supporting a local artist.

4. Wear Artsy Fashion Jewelry

If wearing artsy clothing sounds a little too over the top for you, dress up your classic clothing with fashion jewelry with that artisan look and feel. Cluster a few quirky, brooches on the front of your jacket or wear a pair of bold wood and bead earrings.

There are many hot spots online for quality wholesale fashion jewelry, You can purchase pieces individually and save even more by buying with a site's discount coupons or free shipping offers.

Make the jewelry the focal point of your outfit and be inspired to build a collection of your own unique jewelry to express your inner artistic impulses and every outfit!

Choose unique jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or purchase in sets. I have ordered pieces that are gold plated and silver plated and they have become my favorites. I can change a plain black dress into a brand new outfit, just by changing my necklace.

It feels good to break out of the high fashion mode and express more creative aspects of yourself and artsy fashion jewelry is the best way to do that.

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